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Him looking for high yields? That's never the case. He seek in 6% return. Slow and steady wins the race. When he checks his accounts just to see with their field and it's like driving in Marilyn ain't nobody yielding. What is he to do? He shouldn't be in a drought, so he visits his adviser just to sort it all out. Inflation's higher than your bond rate. That's what I was fearing. Well, this is grant's interest rate observer of the air, and the music you have heard is not count bassy, April and Paris, circa 1955. It is Remy. Just plain Remy, we have there's like Bono. There's what I don't know. Madonna. And there's Remy. And Remy Buddha sifi is our guest today. And what you heard was remmy doing a little riff on a dog money, which is, which is what the Federal Reserve produces under the name of Federal Reserve notes. Well, I'm super honored to have the intro music for this episode. Well, this is the first time ever we've been doing these things for what? 30 years? Just about. And we've always had count basically because your editor be Jim grant is rather stuck in 1955 and the Dodgers won the World Series and Count Basie produced from Paris and everything has been going more or less sideways at best since then, sometimes downhill. But we are with remi and as always, we are with the great deputy editor of grants, Evan Lorenz, we are with Henry and owain or engineers, and who else in the room? I guess that's it, right? It's just the four of us. Yeah. And what we are here to do is to talk to one of the terrific comedians, satirists, creators, videos, Remy is merely fantastic. He does all of this stuff, I think, not all of it, but much of it lately under the banner of reason, TV. And he does stand up as well and I was like perfect. It says here in Wikipedia, which is the ultimate authority and everything. Oh yeah. His videos have gained over 98 million views as of June, 2020 first. So extrapolating evidence we sometimes do in financial analysis if it was 98 million in June 2021. What is it now? A couple billion billionaire trillion maybe. Easy. Yeah. One of the grants t-shirts copyrighted grants t-shirts has the picture of the Federal Reserve building and a voice like a Pfeiffer voice in the old Village Voice cartoons come out of it and the voice is inquiring. Anybody here know what comes after trillion? So anyway, rumors got a trillion views. Yeah, it's like a hockey stick, you know? Everybody on YouTube. That's so straight up. Well, you watch after this after this, who knows what's going to happen? So remember I am tired of the sound of my own voice, which is frequently the case and I haven't even heard yet from Evan. But I would like you to tell us kind of what you're doing now..

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