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Now the Bill it is hard to give a good answer. When you don't have a good answer. But sometimes it's hard to give a good answer. When you do have a good answer. I will now present an example of each so Jared Kushner he of the permanently arched eyebrow, and perpetually, pox st-, Israel peace plan, don't measure, this guy for a Swedish based on her just yet, Jared Kushner was on the axios political show on HBO. He was being interviewed by Jonathan swan who asked him. Sure, other in law racist Kushner said this, so the answer's no absolutely not. You can't not be a racist. For six nine years, then run for president and be a racist. And what else they yes, that probably is true, a septuagenarian, who has racist policies and espouses racist ideas, probably didn't start as soon as you put the hand on the bible during inauguration. I don't know. Maybe he say redlined black people out of his housing developments or called for the death penalty of black teens convicted of crimes they didn't commit which actually weren't even capital offenses to begin with. And once they're exoneration was proved never apologized. Maybe repeatedly called Maxine Waters stupid. Yeah. I don't know if you want to say, look all of those are just shit hole. Examples. Fine. I also like Kushner's. Phrasing, you can't not be a racist. Yes. Cannot be equals can be doesn't not when pressed on one specific cause that the president championed Kushner could not be flummoxed was both resume racist. Look, I wasn't really involved in. I know you what was it racist? Like I said, I, I wasn't involved in that I know you what was it racist? Look, I know who the president is. And I've not seen anything in him. That is racist. So again, I was not involved in that. Did you wish he didn't do that? Like I said, I was not involved in that, that was a long time ago, Christner. No good answer. Because there is no good answer Trump, by the way, disavowed, the idea of birtherism in September of two thousand sixteen. Not that long ago. Kushner was a senior advisor on the campaign. I guess he figures. I'll do the interview as long as I'm mellow, our wand, up, looking better than Stephen Miller, that's the bar to clear. So there is that over on CNN. However, we got a different kind of QNA one. That is equally frustrating, but not a desperate sort of frustration more of a ruing, the road, not taken sort, after the tragic mass shooting in Virginia Beach. Jake tapper had on. Senator Cory Booker, and tapper asked this now ATF says that the two weapons used in the attack were handguns not assault rifles. And they say that they were purchased legally, how would your plan have stopped this tragedy? If at all. Well Jake again, this is a tragedy today. But, you know that every single day in the United States of America in the aggregate, we have mass shootings, go on neighborhoods like mine. I live in inner city, black and Brown community you were there yourself Booker, you may have noticed did not answer the question, not directly, so tapper noticed, and he tried again. We are not helpless. I'm sorry to interrupt you keep saying, we're not helpless. So I'm saying what would have prevented this tragedy? I mean, I think that's one of the issues that people wonder about when there are these horrible tragedies. What steps specifically would have stopped the massacre in Virginia Beach. And you've taken a look at the sixteenth seventeenth things we have in my plan that would drop the levels of violence overall from one handgun a month laws all the way to investing in the kind of mental health in the kind of community and power. Again, Booker does not answer or rather he gives an answer somewhat adjacent to the question. But it seems like an indirect answer because it is an indirect answer. And therefore, a non satisfying, one Booker knows this isn't one of those cases where the murder weapon or the aid to the murder weapon like a bump stock was specifically something that he and gun advocates have been calling on for a while to be banned. Right. It's also not the case. They guns were obtained via a loophole and he's desperately been trying to close the loophole. But that's all right. Because when you give an answer that clearly evades the question people will tune out, and I don't say this just to help Cory booker's political career. I say it to help the cause of preventing gun violence. Here's how I think the answer could have got now ATF says that the two weapons used in the attack were handguns not somebody automatic assault rifles. And they say that they were purchased legally, how would your plan have stopped this tragedy? If at all, you know what Jake, maybe it wouldn't have maybe in a country, awash and guns. And with eleven thousand homicides, a year, some murders are going to happen. Maybe this is one that would have happened. Maybe this is one that wouldn't I guess we can't say you know, if you cut all the gun homicides, and half you still have the other half. Look, thirty-seven thousand people year. Die in car crashes a little over ten thousand of them or because of drunk driving. So do you say, oh, give up on your drunk driving agenda. What uses the drunk driving agenda because drunk driving didn't factor into that crash or that one over there? The third went over there, but beyond that, just that if we can do a lot to prevent gun violence. We should Furthermore, it does seem to me that there's something of a social contagion going on when it comes to mass shooting. Mass shootings have been spiking. They've tripled in the last decade or so. And you know what, maybe if the things I call for every day, and the things that most American people agree with, like, banning the fifteen or those kind of weapons, maybe that was in place, or better background checks, or the licensing requirements. I do propose. Maybe those had been in place. Some of those other shootings, don't happen. And then this shooter doesn't get his head filled with all those violent notions. Who knows? Let's just say that the worst thing that would happen under that scenario. Is that many murder victims would still be alive? Maybe not these, but many murder victims would be living, and that's something to strive for. So I would say an answer like that seems more direct and it seems righteous. And by the way, I don't blame tapper for asking the question I think book could've answered it better, of course, just by answering a question about gun deaths with the general answer, we should have fewer and here are some laws. That's a huge improvement on what the administration is putting forward on meet the press on Sunday. Mick Mulvaney, was there talking about the same incident? I think the president believes very firmly in the second amendment right in our second amendment rights. He also believes that you cannot take these exceptions and clearly people like this are exceptions. This is not the rule ninety nine point nine percent of people in this in this country own a gun are law abiding gun owners and you commit murder, but we have well mic. Chuck Todd did not say there are one hundred million gun owners. So that point one percent. That is a hundred thousand people and yeah, I would say if there are one hundred thousand people who have Mollison their hearts and guns in their hands. It's a bad situation. If you're telling me, well, here's how to think about this mass murder. They're only ninety nine thousand nine hundred or so others who could do it. You're not calming the situation. And by the way, that's very off the cuff dismissal to have the CD generate that ninety nine point nine percent figure, but even so on its face. It is very, very disturbing. And not an answer to the problem about is disturbing as the situation with gun violence in America is disturbing. It is a situation that will not be quelled with good rhetoric but it is not helped any by bad answers. Either. And that's it for today show that just produced by Vienna may Daniel Schrader wonder where Donald Trump's racism has gone longtime passing whereas Donald Trump's birtherism gone longtime ago, TD Rafael senior producer of slate podcast knows where all the flowers gone. They've got your dad, and this exclusive Father's Day offer. Just use promo code what does. Oh, mike. Flowers what am I doing with this promo code? We also had help today from Chow Chaozhou when will she ever learn when Bush she ever? Learn the gist wondering if you've noticed that all of our credits today were in the form of a question. Hooper Deford you prove. And thanks for listening..

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