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Sure absolutely if you're going to challenge it in court and the judges were appointed by democrats of course they're gonna find in favor of the court because you can't get away from it here bill writes in on a local level andrew i'm still baffled why get to vote for three delegates in the city but my relatives in saint mary's only get one seems like my vote counts more so much for one person one vote well again that will that has to do with population and has to do with you know sort of how we go down this road with the resident districts i mean out in queens county thirty six district had four delegates anybody in those districts could vote for them which was you know there was there was something to be said for that donovan ellicott city rights oh by the way bill i will let them know where you are north where were you were in north west florida just because of your phone number donald unallocated city rights of voting districts should be by county period if the population of the county dictates more than one rep than the candidate's campaign to represent the i'm sorry more more one more than one representative van the candidates campaigned represent the popular should vote accordingly representative using putting the reps according to that will outline the electorate again you can do it by county but they have to be if not equal roughly i think they all have to be equal you know out we sort of divide this up and that's where the problem comes in it's all a balancing of interests here that's that's the the key thing kevin and freeland rights andrew does maryland liberal government allow a all right i'm not sure andrew does maryland liberal government allowed to draw on legislative.

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