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Headlines of their is news outlets in organizations and how they handled the feud between representative john lewis and president electrode box had john louis's the last person donald trump should be picking up a fight with right now okay can you think of anybody else that would be a worse person to pick up a fight with kyle anybody on the play and it that we should pick up fight with who shouldn't we fight with who would be really bed like is there anybody did you get they got whatsoever beyond jon lewis the big of the trouble but if i was that he shouldn't who shouldn't be pick because they say and rich lewis of the last person trump should pick a fight with i can think of a couple of other people like vladimir prudent it is and one fight him ahead of china are on a big pick a fight with him try not to want to pick a fight with many them but according the box we can pick fights with any of them as long as it's not john lewis that would be bad there's always have new tim is basement is that what it is nope no problem he will absolutely like those newk sup then just session baby that's what it is there like hey you can go ahead and bigger fight with the former cagey be agent but not john lewis and just as soon with newk simmons basement the hollywood reporter whatever that is then a headlined trump tweet sense joe louis books say also rating.

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