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Schuler innovation. Welcome back to killer innovations. Thanks for joining us in our look back at some of the best episodes of two thousand eighteen in this segment. We look all the way back to January when Phil was talking to an innovative company from Paducah Kentucky called Finn gourmet. Welcome back. We continue our conversation with balloon John from Finn gourmet foods here in Paducah Kentucky. You guys have now been in business. She started New Orleans you relocated to Paducah. If you had a chance to kind of go back and keep yourself advice back when you were doing your original hundred page business plan. What advice would you give yourself now that you're can have that kind of lessons learned and the experience under your belt, John? All right. So if we knew how hard it was we have. I've said let's not do this at all. We would have said, oh, we will make it not hard at all. I'm just kidding. Actually. It's extremely hard work. So so coming into it. I remember one time just kind of the I really really hard day that we had think man, I don't wanna do this again tomorrow, but we had to and then the next day and the next day. So is kind of learning this different type of of of grind, the second thing is is that there's so many places you can give up along the way. But sometimes think well. Are we just shoveling this into this endless, well, and for some products, that's probably true. But for this really felt and we had done all the back background is saying this has got a lot of potential here though. It's really being creative about in those very very difficult times when when you're out in the closed down or to just keep on ongoing because tomorrow is going to be a little bit better. Just keep on going because it will pay off in the end, it's perseverance perseverance thing. Yes. Hot weather in all spiritual religious Sam being or half, say the close, friends and partners that have gotten you tomorrow. It's going to be a better day. You have to have otherwise you will go.

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