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To have with us for the great State of Ohio Lieutenant Governor John Houston in the latest retirement group dot com phone line. Good morning, John. How are you? Good morning. I'm doing great. Hey, by the way, Happy belated Father's Day. How was your father's day? What did you do? It was fantastic. We, uh, had a cookout with my kids and extended family and Just actually, one of the things I did is I raised my daughters in 100 M that are tracked. They wanted to beat me and I let's just say I beat the youngest one, but not the oldest. I'm getting old. I felt like I was I felt like I was pulling a plow as that was running down the track. I love that. Well, yeah, for those that don't know. Lieutenant Governor Houston, You were a former athlete. What football player? Was it? Miami? Where were you at? No Dayton. Sorry. Right university dating Yep. University. So it was great fun. Good family day. Oh, that's great. Are you the guy in the family to play, you know football in the backyard? Tackle football. I'm up and I'm the one who you know whose mind tells them. They can still do these things, but their body reminds them that. Yeah. So what You're saying? Lieutenant Governor as you are sore today? I'm my Achilles were reminding me that I shouldn't be sprinting with my daughter where you go? Well, Lieutenant Governor John Houston is with us this morning. John, I know you made an announcement last week about the expansion of data Ohio the portal, So let me get this straight. The Odeon are fish stocking data said, Uh, it provides helpful info to Ohio's fishing community. So the bait Basically, this is going to tell you where the fish are. Yeah, Exactly. It tells you where the 1.5 billion fish that we stocked since 1970 where they've been stock, so you'll know. Like what year what the size was. You know where. What What phase in their growth There will be. It's like you know where you want to take your kids fishing your your dad. Maybe whatever it is you. You can. You can find that information here on day to Ohio. Gov. Where? Where was this years ago? John, you and I growing up. I would. I would have loved to have had this Where the hotspots? Gosh, I would have loved to have had this. This is I've been fishing my whole life and This information has been out there. This is one of the things that I created. When you know when Governor DeWine and I formed and innovate Ohio we one of the one of the tasks was to take all the data that the state has available. Every agency has all of this data. But there was no place for it. And so we now have pushed it all out into Dayton, Ohio dot gov. And this is just the latest data set. We're putting out there, but I find it really interesting and useful. You go in there. And you can go under the natural resources tab which will have all of this information for you. You can see where all the lakes are. You can see the visual map of where all these dots are, Where all the lakes streams, reservoirs we stocked and then you can look at each lake. Like you can look at Buckeye Lake and see what uh, you know. What's been stocked there? Yeah, you can look at all the lakes in central Ohio and find out exactly where the fish are. Lieutenant Governor John Houston is with us this morning, John. Do you have any data from over the weekend? I know it's Monday, but from the free fishing weekend with no license, do we have any numbers now? We don't have. We don't have anything like that. But but it's um That's why I announced this son announced this at the end of last week. Because I was like, Hey, street fishing weekend you got, uh, you got, uh, Father's day coming in, and this is a great great way to get out there and enjoy it. Nowhere to go fish and like there's there's places that have You know, like a lot of fish that you can eat that you might want to eat with, like perch and saw a guy and things like that, Uh, fun fish to catch sport fish like bass and hybrid bass and even trophy fish like musky. That are on there, and it shows you where? What lakes there in where to go. Uh, and it's It's pretty awesome. I wish I would have had access to this. When I was growing up. I had more time to fish Exactly. And you and I both have had friends who you would ask. Hey, where's Where's the hot fishing spot? Where is your fishing spot? And they'd keep it very close to their vest. They wouldn't want to say anything on this side by chance, because I have a big chance to look at it. Do you know some of the hot spots? Are you seeing any right now that you can tell us about Well, you know, fishing just because they're fishing. There are doesn't mean that I can tell you how to catch him with everything. This is true. Fisherman knows that there's this. There's there's local secrets to doing that, But at least you know there there, you know, with this With this website. There's no there's no. There's no fishing advice right there. Yeah, just data there is that you have you have to talk to the old guy that works at the bait store near the lake you're going to if you really want to know how to catch this, Uh, yet, In other words, there might be a lot of fish in that leg Buckeye leg, But there's no guarantee you're going to be you have to be smarter than the fish. You do you do, but it's nice to know that you're not fishing in a puddle with no fish. You'll know it was like, Hey, they stocked a million of these fishing here. You know, five years ago. They're probably pretty big by now. So it's It's amazing. You know the amount of data it's in here, and that's what I like. One of the things that I've really enjoyed about. This is that this job is that you can take things that people were not just sitting on it like, Hey, this can be useful to people if you just get it out there. Let him know about it. Yeah, and,.

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