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From the corner to save everybody's life is like now it's all sensationalized. It's all garbage. It's terrible. You know more Johns Romans. Reporting live from this outside. Rush Ewing, ABC seven. I wanted to take a listen to this. All right. Welcome back to our Bears locker room show, As you know, has been knocked out of the playoffs by the Redskins, 27 or 13, or go down a soldier field right now. John Drummond is live outside a soldier field with some of the fans who are too thiss place. Howard, this place looked like the deck of the Titanic. About the middle of the fourth quarter is, these fans began exiting Soldier Field. And then, of course, the straw that broke the camel's back when Lou Barnes fumble arms down near the goal line, and then the sky literally around us, or I should say the fans around this erupted you could hear. I thought I was on the folks all Of a tramp steamer away. The oaths and curses went up. Now we're gonna try to tie most fans and if they get really we go back to you. All right. Thank you Know we want to talk with some of the fans today. Next, you're one of the orderly regardless off one of the other two. How about getting rid of Right on Fluting bringing Jim McMahon back in. Alright, Howard. As you can see where the fans are getting a little disorderly, they get unhappy. With what happened.

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