FBI, Matt Walker, Workplace Violence discussed on Coast to Coast AM


Who the fbi the but the the the hey abc news on the half and when it breaks unlike hope rozier live from the kfi 24hour newsroom at least seventeen people have been killed in a shooting at a high school in parkland florida up the shooting happened shortly before school was about let out yesterday seventeenyearold matt walker says he recorded video as the shooter tried to get into his class he says the guy couldn't get him because the door was locked so we fired through the glass than moved on religious corner caught the cautious just shooting at random kids do and when the police were escorting me out of the building there was there was a dead i don't know if he was dead or not but there was a dead guy on the floor next to me it's you it's should the is a thing former student to do he was caught offcampus i think majority run hide fight of a that's what generation officials in the at the that orange county out sheriff's there department now teaching people i mean here in you southern have to california remember they when were it comes raised to preparing on for workplace violence you know the ghost had the hunters williams says she's been theory teaching class and stuff like classes that for and years i think and she they're gets doing more calls it every for the time fun shooting happens uh her burning keno there is terrorist if attack seems to we be did like 85 with with in my one organization year and it seems last that there year is we a did much williams younger has schools often go into lockdown um though during a shooting.

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