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Edition of pro football talk live Jim Irsay colts owner on Sunday met with the media the notice came out of the blue on Saturday he's gonna meet with the media on Sunday it's like why is he going to do that the topics for the colts the scouting combine and philanthropy well with Jim Irsay the topics are whatever comes out of his mouth in response to a question and this isn't a criticism this is reality there are certain people who will just go and go and go and go and go Jim what color is the sky well you know I it depends on what kind of day it is some days the there isn't a cloud in the sky and it's really rich shade of blue but other days you know it gets a different you eat do you get the point he just rambles as part of his rambling he anyway so it was smart he was careful he wouldn't talk about the status of the CBA I thought he may stray in that direction any also wouldn't talk about specific players when asked about the future of the quarterback position I can't talk about any specific player say said I will say that all options are open all options are on the table I've never quite been in a year where this was so unusual if you will and a look that's an obvious message to send it's not like he's putting up smoke signals for Philip rivers all that stuff's happening behind the scenes anyway especially this week tampering central in Indianapolis I think the real objective water say was doing yesterday was trying to make some sort of a desperate plea to keep the scouting combine in Indianapolis look Jim it's leaving and I thought it was hilarious as did many others that say based his argument that the scouting combine should stay in Indianapolis because traditions should not be altered you know like the great tradition that was the Baltimore colts they should never be altered and they should definitely not be ordered by having all of their belongings packed into a Mayflower moving van and driven away in the middle of the night I mean if the league has any sense of poetry the best way to announce that the combine is leaving for LA would be to pick the same day of the year that the colts left in the middle of the night for Indianapolis and issue a press release at the same time the reports came out that the colts were stealthily moving out of Baltimore that would be beautiful and I remember being at the combine last year and hearing from some extremely influential people people for far more influential than Jim or say and that's a low bar league wide that's a low bar look he owns a team fine thirty two people on teams within that hierarchy there are people who have influence and there are people who just own teams people with influence believe that it's just a matter of time or let me rephrase that people with influence want it to just be a matter of time and they have the influence to make it happen LA is going to be the site of the combine at some point and I think once I moved to LA after I quit going because I it's all a lot they're already making it all in deference to the reality show about nothing that's going to be on Thursday Friday and Saturday night via the underwear Olympics already making it harder and harder to to properly cover it I think when they moved to LA Hey it ain't happening for me and I don't know when it's going to LA but I think it's going to go there sooner than we realize and one other thing that Jim Irsay did that just was intriguing talking about the value of quarterbacks he just blurted out that in two thousand twelve they were gonna take Russell Wilson in the fourth round now he went near the midway point of round three so it's all academic.

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