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Season Niagara inbound going left to right second half underway. Towns to prochet, flip it to Chris Barton. Same starting five for Niagara those three joined by keleaf Tate. Dominic Robb leave flips it back to Marv top of the key to Chris Barton. Chris. Couple dribbles at the left hand. Slings a past the towns now back to leave right in front of Niagara. Bench. Leave picks up his dribble to Barton now. Touch pass right wing to towns. Here's James throw it on the baseline prochet with it. He'll rise up to on the way. Swish Marvin prochet with his first field goal of the game and a steal the back court by Marvin he lays it in four straight by prochet and Niagara lease at thirty one twenty nine. Well, how about that take that over five in the opening half it go to for two in the first thirty seconds of the second half, Niagara thirty one West Point twenty nine here's king with it. Along the left wing holding it over his head is Jacob Kessler east. Started didn't play much in that first half. Now to Wilson Wilson into the paint, spins left against Dominic Robb went up for the layup. But dribbled it out of bounds. And it will be Niagara basketball. At least it should be the officials come together, and it will be purple eagles ball. Well, Matt Wilson quite a funk offensively he has just two points. The average is fifteen. And his field goal percentage is sixty four percent. That is good for top twenty five in the country. Throw it on the baseline. Here's prochet with it. Backing down king. Couple of crab dribbles ball fake up and under move layup. No good that one off the rim to the right rebound. Wilson leaves it for funk that comes Tommy funk into the front court between the legs gives it to counselor one dribble now chess pass goes along the right wing to king kings three that one on the way is good Alex King now is seven and that leads away for army. So the black knights go back in front thirty to thirty one. Niagara trying to improve to six and five army trying to get to six and seven. Here's talents with it left elbow. Jumper of the way. No good. But plenty of contact and a foul. The foul goes on Tommy funk that is his third by my count. And in fact, it is his second. So that's the reason why we don't go by my count. So James towns will go to the line to shoot two. I one on the way good. He switched that would end James now to for three from the line. We mentioned in the final seconds. So that first half. There was a whistle on an offensive foul. I thought it was whistled against James towns. In fact, it was an E legal screen whistled against Greg kuakumensah. So crock Mensa has to solve James doesn't have any as he knocks down the second free throw. Here's Kessler a wide. Open three. No good. He left it. Short the rebound. Bart. Niagara leading at thirty three thirty two Chris Barton into the front court going to go all the way to the bucket off the window. No, good rebound tap off the fingertips of Dominic Robb into the hands of Jordan, FOX here. He comes into the front court, spins it to funk whipped past king and the paint layup. No good tapped up in. King misfired on the first but cleaned up his own mass and army back in front thirty four thirty three. Four lead changes already here in this opening two and a half minutes of half number two. Seventeen thirty towns with it. He's going to hoist the three from the right wing. James towns with five second half points. Eight for the game Niagara leading it by two mayors funk into the paint. Now dribbles of backout whip to the corner to king picked up by prochet. There's a pass it cleaves Tate nearly stole kings. Got it again top of the key to counselor. Kessler one dribble. Picks it up. Now looks to his left fines. Fox throw is it out of bounds. That would over the head of Alex King and the turnover will give it back tonight. Josh Caldwell will check in and Kessler. We'll sit down. Jacob Kessler who starts does not score a ton of points. Average is just a point and a half per game. And he's back on the sideline towns, flips it to Tate. Three minutes on here in the second half. Niagara leading thirty six thirty four. Here's towns with the same spotty hit a three from seconds ago James little wiggle to shake free of the defender pulls up two point around the way that were no good. It was an air ball. But no, call James Saudi got hit on the wrist in the corner. There's a wide open three by funk and that one is good. Miss at one end with the other and army now leading at thirty seven to thirty six and coach Casey is really laying into the striped shirts. Now. Top of the key. Here's Barton with it. Jab step to try and shake free of the defender, Caldwell recover. Skip it across the floor that when stolen by Jordan. Fox Harry comes all the way to the bucket finger roll, no good. He missed it. Rebound Caldwell his put back that mess out about last touch by army, and it will be purple eagles basketball with sixteen eighteen left. One of those plays where the offensive player tries to draw the foul and get the layup, man. He didn't get either Rahim Solomon Jackson. Chris Barton will sit down sixteen sixteen left thirty seven thirty six. Army leads it prochet top of the key looks to his right flips. At the towns, here's James with it. Now on the left hand bounce down. Low off the window. Good. Seven in the second half ten for the game..

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