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New always great to see you, sir. Thank you. Bills President and CEO of Constellation Brands think about all the things that can go right now. The stock is still down a lot. I want you to stick around what you stick with my friends. Scott Wapner. Here's a peep of what he has one tonight. Tonight took seven PM. We'll. Some health cautions. Be here to stay one. I don't travel company where in close how some business owners in East Austin Texas are coping with the resurgence of the virus, and which masks are the most effective all tonight at seven? PM was Scott Wapner. By revelers Roy. And then the leading round is over. Are you ready Steve? Zach in Texas Zach. Bar Zach. A. Ought to be on on the. Ledger. Retail letters downing I have friends of my online community and on that note a big. Wall, street that and I. With a K.. Fight you every single agent. Straighten it out with the Ken. What's up? So. My question is about the micro ticker and you talk be down yesterday. act. That was crazy I. think it's a great opportunity. Maybe get forty eight really. Jeff Jeff Jeff. Jeff from downtown. La Thank you so much for your years of hard work in really incredible doc recommendations about three months ago chip. Yeah, you. two months ago Jim, you raised about shop, the Fi the to doc you signed and dated dogs and doom of course, and they're killing it. Man I just love. down. There in the right direction. I gotTa make that. What's up? Yeah, the soccer calling about has been on a tear. It's gone up three hundred forty nine percent in one year. It's up to one hundred sixty two percent just three months. It set all kinds of records. ASAKUSA called ever quote. The. There's a lot of these companies that they do is to get. The lowest price an insurance and people. Just they love these companies. I'm not gonNA, fight the. Let's go to Michael and thank you for the commerce. It's got to Michael Georgia Michael. pregame thanks Nicole you walk with you. R. V. L. Now, or would you wait for better outer wear I mean I've been telling people a kit fractions plus dot com. It's our favorite. Five G. played just went up. Twelve point I can't. I can't count inspirer. He'll let let let let it come back Oh. Let's go to Josh in New York Josh. Big Time Fan. Longtime viewer might question is about Kalispera. I recognized that this Beth. y'All. Tumor play. You know I'd be about terrorism. Blessing them for a little bit of money only for a little bit but I'm not GonNa, go against it. That one is fine, not great. Let's go to jared in Wisconsin Jared. J. Seed! Go on fool. Proof, city and I know. The Belmont stakes. Yup phonies. Journey Laurie. I love my question is. DORNA OPERATION WARP speed. Bump stock at warp, speed I don't like that Look, maybe they hid it maybe but the RNA that I'm betting on. Is The visor are in? California Dan? Yeah. Just, want to thank you for all that you do for the millennial investor. Of course shot to the Danny and other physicians on the line helping out the battle with your little kidding, my guidance just busy now all parts of the country. Jim, I was wondering.

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