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Talking about the great show on Amazon prime call patriot and just wrap that up. I'm just going to say this about it this more to the first episode that you need to see. I'm not gonna tell you, but because of, you know. John's dad's network, his teams that legit. You know. Creates there's repercussions that creates a chain of of events or turn of events. And I just have to be made and things just get kinda worse because of that. But the show is riveting. Like I said, so let's let's Claire. Smith great care issue. Watch out for when you watch the show tablet play by Michael China's. John's brother, hilarious, just a real character. Nothing like John. And of course, my dorm who plays John tavern, he's, he's amazing. Gil bellows interesting plays Lawrence lacrosse. And. All the safer now. But the show is very fascinating is funny and it's dark and the stuff you laughing at you like you never thought you'd be laughing, but is done such a subtle dry way like, well, this is a trip. Oh, and dismal. Clarin? Yes, giants office buddy who wants to becoming his friend. Like John's only friend, McMillan. Yeah, play by Chris Conrad excellent, active at a great job. Funny. So this. Yeah, this treats in the show. Definitely. So what's again? That's Amazon prime with patriot and starting two thousand fifteen down two seasons. So I don't know if I'm gonna get those. I'm definitely going to see if I can find out, but I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to finishing binging on it. Does it just gets more and more interesting than me. Definitely. So insecure, half hour TV series on HBO. I remember watching it for the first time out of curiosity, and I got hooked term one of my good friends onto it. She loves it. Next, we know we saw it become a phenomenon ISA Ray to real name. Apparently she hit TV series on YouTube awkward, awkward, black girl. That's what she got her start. So she created this show with Larry Wilmore stars, her Yvonne orgy, Lisa, Joyce. So ISA lives in LA. She works for this now, profit company called, we got y'all. Yes, folks. I'm, I'm not even making this. That's what they call themselves, but we got yo. Oh. I mean the and she's working for their their company. Their main focus is helping young students. Of African American Latino just is helping out young people who need it actually and not just them just, you know, if you're in a certain school system needs help, we got y'all calm and try to help out, you know, give supplies just interact with you and see what's going on. Try to keep you positive Trekkie focus and keep you out of trouble. So that's where ISA works. And she likes job for the most part girlfriend. One of our best friends Molly Carter played by von orgy. She's a lawyer. And she's going through changes at her law. She doesn't know they respect her to give. Give race. They don't want to do the micro partner. And then he says, boyfriend. His name was Lawrence played by Jay Ellis. Enjoy watching him good actor. So basically Jay east been living together for years and Jay was trying to get a private off the ground. Everybody is. It's not really happening for right now..

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