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Pike westbound just a little slow getting by Newton corner miking with WBZ's traffic on the threes are Mike thank you the forecast tonight cloudy to start snow arriving after midnight mixing with changing to sleep for freezing rain and rain tomorrow morning tomorrow morning's commute is going to be tricky low thirty four tonight in downtown Boston dropping into the twenties and again that rain is going to get into the snow we areas those temperatures drop then tomorrow the temperatures warm up it'll turn to rain plane rain a little drizzle all we could see an inch or two of snow though before all this is said and done and it turns to rain more rain tomorrow night as well could be heavy at times we could see a little bit of poor drainage flooding around as well Friday rain could change the snow again it's a little bit of a winter re seesaw back and forth according to the Thames will have a lot more coming up with a live weather update and the forecast is brought to you by century bank variable rate home equity lines as low as two point four nine percent APR get this low rate before it's gone for more information call eight six six eight century or visit century bank dot com an equal housing lender and M. L. S. four one one zero six eight thirty nine degrees in Boston and this story this is an update to a story we first brought you yesterday cirque de soleil will not be performing or even coming to Provincetown this summer's cirque DU soleil.

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