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Got up and walked down. He asked speaker Pelosi. Will you agree to my wall? She said, no. And he just got up and said, then we have nothing to discuss. And he just walked down as a partial government shutdown enters its twentieth day. One of the major credit rating agencies is warning it will reconsider the United States AAA status and the shutdown stretches into March Fitch said that an inability to settle the crisis would raise doubts about Congress's ability to lift the debt ceiling if the nation's credit rating is downgraded it would likely lead to higher borrowing costs for the US treasury companies and consumers one police officer is dead. Another wounded in two separate shooting incidents and Shreveport, Louisiana. A police officer was shot to death on her. Way to work last night. She was reportedly shot multiple times including in the head. There's no word on any arrests and Raleigh North Carolina. Police are searching for a suspect who shot a police officer in the neck. The officer is reportedly in the hospital. But his condition is not known officers are going door to door in the west part of the city in search for the shooter a new program is aiming to help kids witness violence, if a San Antonio police officers sees that a child may be traumatize police chief William McManus says there's now something they can do about it to make sure the child is treated with compassion feels that the incident may have expose the child to trauma confidential notification will be sent to the child's school. The only message the school will receive as that kid's name and the words handle with care that way, if a teacher notices the child is not acting normally they know why it's being tested in the San Antonio northeast and east central school districts all the merry go round that is Major League Soccer in Austin as turned again as the MLS team, which is now in Columbus is staying. In Ohio, Major League Soccer club. Officially staying put the Ohio capital city. Thanks to the help of new owners Jimmy and d hassle him and Peter Edwards. The hassle of the majority owners of the Cleveland Browns who worked out a deal with Precourt sports ventures to purchase the team before an imminent move to Austin, Texas, but Austin will be making a major announcement next week, which is expected to be the location of an MLS expansion franchise in the city. Austin council has approved construction of a soccer stadium in north Austin. It will be Austin's first big-league sports franchise, Texas, Lieutenant governor, Dan, Patrick says the battle over the bathroom. Bill is over the Bill, which would have limited transgender bathroom. Use was hotly debated last legislative session. Even though it failed. Patrick is claiming victory purpose of that legislation was to stop school districts from forcing boys and girls to share showers and locker rooms and that stopped. He's not going to refile the Bill this session. The Spurs had their five game winning streak snapped by the grizzlies last night in Memphis ninety six to eighty six the victory for the grizzlies ended their six game losing streak. Marcus all recorded twenty six points and fourteen rebounds against his brother's team Marco Bellin Elian Brin forms pace the Spurs with fourteen points apiece. San Antonio scorgeous thirty one points in the first half of next the Spurs hosts that thunder tonight. Our coverage begins at six thirty pm. The meeting is the first of three this season for the teams will play again on Saturday night and Oklahoma City, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie are calling it quits after twenty five years of marriage. The fifty four year old is the world's richest person with Forbes reporting a net worth of over one hundred and thirty seven billion dollars. If as soon to be ex wife gets half of his fortune. She'll become the world's richest woman look for more superhero movies this year because that's where the money is Nathan Hagar. Bloomberg has today's focus report Hollywood is coming off a super year in more.

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