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Yeah On Sunday Aaron Jackson became the first black woman to win a blank in speedskating Gold medal Yeah gold medal This week the mayor of a town in Ohio resigned following the backlash to his statement that legalized ice fishing leads to blank Heroin use No prostitution Close At a city council meeting the mayor of Hudson Ohio Craig schubert opposed ice fishing on the towns Lake He said if you allow ice fishing with shanties then that leads to another problem prostitution When asked for evidence of this schubert couldn't point anybody he did ask people to please purchase his self published book cold ice hot nights Bill how did Peter doing our quiz Peter had four right for 8 more points he now has ten and the lead Congratulations Peter All right Ashley you're up next On Tuesday Virginia Geoffrey settled her case against prince for an undisclosed amount Prince Andrew Right on Thursday a new report stated that over two thirds of the U.S. is now immune to the blank variant Right This week The White House rejected blank's claims that his visitor logs fall under executive privilege Trump yes According to a new nationwide poll 75% of people back local mandates on blank Mask mandates Yes this week a British police captain who created the force's drug policy has resigned after he blanked Did heroin It's the only one he didn't do He smoked we dropped acid and tripped on mushrooms That's a double hippy backflip is the appropriate thing for that It was my second guess actually On Monday it was announced that Wanda Sykes Regina hall and Amy Schumer would host the 2022 blank awards Oscars Yes on Sunday the Los Angeles Rams made a late game comeback to win the blank The Super Bowl Yes this week a Canadian woman in a town called Durham tried to report a break in but she accidentally blanked Ordered pizza No she accidentally called the Durham England.

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