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This and the accountant explains while you pay a very heavy local tax because your and fill in the blang san francisco los angeles new york city uh bangor maine a bristol connecticut and therefore we deduct this from your federal income tax so you have the the federal government to understand that your living in a very high tax state and they want to help you do you do you do that routinely well in the new tax reform as presented by the republicandominated congress and the republican nominally white house that will know longer be available who gets hurt by this harry harry siegel writes the new york daily news and as well as the op ed editor at the daily beast so harry in a conversation or communication a brain a brain exchange with the mayor of new york it very much la looks like new york gets hurt by this harry the deductibility it's built in in fact i think the mayor calls it sacred house so why does he need the monning good evening to you larry hey good evening john so the idea that a state and local taxes owed deductible also property axis which awad oba it localities depend on on lose all those the federal income tax in nike third can and so it's making you sent who do so to be ah the power in money sharing arrangement and the balancing act between the federal government in the states and and go couty cities and counties and so forth and can own or suit crying to pass a uh a big tax plan to wait now does exist in sketchy outline uh but it's supposed to wh rates without costing money to get there you need some of these gigantic deductions wake wake state and local taxes it's worth about one point three trillion over the next ten years the issue is when you try to do that uh blue state republicans and believe it or not those still exist get very very at you'd because your constituent you be deductive and banquent linda and if you take them away either your tax bills are gonna go up even with the rest of this supposed reform ordered local governments are really going to be starved.

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