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The evening on newstalk seven sixty wjr seven sixty wjr news dick hafner heavy snow was falling around here and that's making it impossible for road crews to keep up the big challenge right now the rate at which the snow was falling switch covering up more quickly than we can push it off the road and that's that's the challenge they they are getting covered pretty quickly preparations for the storm began yesterday according to craig bryson of the road commission for oakland county talking with frank we actually were putting brian down yesterday afternoon you can put that well ahead of it stays on the road surface and it helped delay the formation of ice swede today yesterday we started salting about three a m this morning in the plan was to get a good shot assault down on everything you know before we had a layer of snow down uh then once we get more than you know three quarters of an inch or so we start blading it off and right now the the goal is just pushed the snow off the road um until the the snow let's up and then ah we'll start the salt and again at that point but right now it's really just pushing snow twenty jars ken rogulski reports at one snow removal contractor says we've gotten soft and the fault is with the news media alex nagee is a general contractor and says he's got to go to work snow or no snow media overplays it it scares everybody the living daylights out of everybody traffic looks later today yeah because everybody's home because schools are closed and everything else is close except people have to go into work where you have to make a living every day i mean away county all the courts are closed that's i can't believe that that's that's incredible so you really think this is not as bad as they say it is no let's that we're we're becoming soft here in michigan this is this is nothing this is you know we had ninety inches of snow four or five years ago was it all year long and we had six seven inches on the on the roads and we were still driving through this without any problems mess up your work today.

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