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And i also talked about that game one against per do you know when we heard that we were gonna play purdue years ago the started the two thousand seventeen season everybody's kinda like what's the hype around and i don't know if i'll be excited about it however of course we knew when it finally came that there would be the headlines there would be a story lines and this would be very much anticipated match up and it is as the big ten versus the acc and let's not forget whose coaching over at purdue now the brahms and if you're a longterm little fan you know the brahms jeff brown out there and then brian rob coaching quarterbacks this is just this is a trap to me game one coast which china says he can't beat ourselves this is what you look forward to all see all offseason along you know after the bad law against lsu your training for that next game he betrayal mentioned last year when the season opened against charlotte that the team had been preparing all offseason for game two and that being syracuse now well a lot of people don't really care to hear those exact words in that exact order e can't blame a when you're planning charlotte and game once not a lot to get you excited for as the team came out and i think they want seventy 72 fourteen and add at syracuse game was the one where we saw the magic lamar leap so i can understand that but a lot of excitement around that purdue game game one get your tickets for that if you haven't already the route thirty five dollars and that'll get you in the door me i got some a couple of weeks ago but and sub in the four hundred than i believe it's bother you of el march in vain it's that section whenever that is all i need is a way to get in the door and i'm a happy camper there's obviously options to move down a little closer if that's what you need but definitely get some tickets got a pack the house up there in indy in indy it's only two hours away it will be a.

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