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We're going to be giving away a brand new juju. Smith. Schuster jersey Nike jersey, not from China your size whatever size you want. Maybe you want to give it away as a gift, we're going to be giving this away, but we're going to be doing it different last time. We did. The. Trivia in the Email your answers and all that we're not doing that. This is going to be a lot more fun because we're giving away juju Smith Schuster jersey. It's going to have to do a celebrations it's going to be on Twitter. You're going to have to be creative. It's almost to say right now. Listen to the Steelers preview tomorrow night in, Dave will explain it further the rules how we're going to how we're going to judge this, how you can enter, and then we'll pick the winner and the winner will get a brand new juju Smith Schuster jersey. So maybe you've always, you know, Judas misuse it looks like he's going to be around a while. I'm very picky with my with my jerseys. I don't like to buy jerseys, because I'm afraid, I have Kendra bell syndrome people. Okay. That's what happened to me. When I was a kid Kendra bell was the defensive rookie of the year. And I told my parents, I want number ninety seven I one KENDALL bell, and they got me. Kendra bell. What happened? His ankles couldn't. Stand at all. And he ended up gay he's out the league he's done. And so I still have that Kendra Belgium's. He hanging in my closet, and since then I've been very selective, the jerseys. I buy I only have been Roth. But there are some players. If people ask me I, I want to get a jersey who should I buy and Jews, you might be a guy that I would tell you. But at the same time, I would have told you prior to last season that Antonio Brown would be a good guy. And we know what happened there, but you're not paying for it. So if you wanna juju Smith Schuster or if you know someone that would love one and you wanna give it away as a gift. We don't care. Just listen to the Steelers preview tomorrow night, Thursday night, or Dave Brian and myself go on the air. We're going to detail what you have to do. How long you have to do it, how we're gonna grade it, and then we'll pick the winner and bam. You could win a brand new number nineteen jersey on us. That's it bang. That's that's pretty simple. I hope you'll join this, so. Ron says for jerseys pitcher you the second contract. Hey, Ron, even the second contract does not prove to be enough. Sometimes there are some that are guaranteed. You'll never go out of style. Ryan chase years. One of them. Now, Hines ward Troy Paulo Malu I think James Harrison might be fans good graces again. So maybe he would be okay you could go back to the seventies, those players, you can get any jersey one. So if you're someone that doesn't want to get a current jersey in has him, traded or leave or whatever go the classic you can always go with the classic. So there you go. Make she Choon in to our show tomorrow night. For all those details appreciated one more time. So Lastly, I all the people that aren't alive. Chat. We, we didn't have a ton tonight. That's okay. A hasn't good questions. I thought it was a good burning question. If you're listening in replay go down to the behind the curtain dot com. Whether you're on YouTube, and let me know what she think about the burning question, which you second year player will have the biggest impact, not the biggest impact the biggest step forward. The biggest jump in two thousand nineteen I'm anxious to see what you think with that said, make sure you find us on YouTube BTS's Steelers radio.

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