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Morning news it is six fifteen dance hall days but once you know it's funny it's funny we have this one because coming up two hours from now we've got former dancing with the stars coach Tony Dovolani it's going to be joining us about the million mask movement he's he's been raising some funds are gonna talk to Tony in a couple of hours about what he's up to to help make a difference in the protection of those and running a line of fire I guess in this coronavirus fight in the meantime though it's back to working on this Tuesday and joining us is workplace culture experts and business strategist sherry Perry's back with the sherry thank you so much for joining me again in Memphis how are you Hey actually good morning well I you know I saw this story about women are hit hardest by the impact of the corona virus and I just I have to ask you right off of the top you know how something like this measured yeah I don't know I don't know that I read the article and I can just tell you as they are a woman in America and someone who works with lots of men and women all across the country manager Sian everybody hit pretty hard by this yes you know and I see you know it all I mean it seems like this does not discriminate against gender against race financial position zip code coronavirus just does not care now it seems that like a little bit of an equalizer again it it makes no difference if you're male or female article points to the fact that March why is that women's history month and a great time to celebrate the amazing accomplishments but then it goes on to say that poor women that more women are affected in many and I'm a little insulted by the article to be honest with you I have down at the very bottom it says these every day heroes are working tireless hours to save our lives that's what we should be focused on whether it's a man or a woman there are people out there that is revealing what crisis reveals crisis reveals the leaders in our organization and it doesn't matter if you're working at the grocery store you driving a truck you're at the hospital leaders are revealed in a time of crisis and that is not gender specific you know and it's I don't think it's also families nine status specific either I know I've seen stories and I appreciate what my wife does and what and the hard work that she dies regarding her her nine to five job and also as a mom and a as a wife but you don't have to have kids or spouse to be you know be it either Hey you know having a rough day or be just still absolutely out there just you know ruling the day I don't think any of that really matters if you're male or female I mean it's it's I think it's down to the individual it seems I totally agree my mentors exactly used to say you can have everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want he didn't say you can have everything in life you want as long as you're a woman or as long as you're a man or as long as you're married or single and and other things we're just all people right now in this I mean maybe the great gift of this horrendous crisis is that people can recognize you know we're not that different yeah yep that's that's that's true I mean we all we all love to rejoice we all commiserate in the same struggle and all this I gotta ask you here he just kind of from I guess looking over the forest in all of this and as a business play as a business registered a workplace culture expert are we seeing some changes in the work place during this time that maybe there's a point of no return to maybe some things may could could we start seeing downsizing not necessarily in personnel but in physical office spaces well that sure makes a lot of sense I mean this is one of those game changers at very similar to other crisis is that we have as a nation we will never go back to the same normal and so businesses right now today are being stretched and they're being called to answer the question how can I get better how can I deal with the challenge how can I serve my people in a totally uncommon environment it's going to be different absolutely if you're coaching a manager Sherri what are you telling them right now in this environment and being a a leader in this time of uncertainty and and having to lean more on technology rather than the you know shoulder tapping or micromanaging in physical space yeah what I'm telling leaders right now is that this is the time when they absolutely have to get really really great at communicating there's been so many instances and and news articles about you know the people the people are working in the in that you know on the front lines and the managers are sitting out somewhere else you know away from the challenge they've got to communicate and they've got to make sure that their team knows exactly what they're doing every step of the way and they also have to think about am I really protected my team am I taking the actions that are necessary to keep my team as safe as possible while also not feeding into the fear Kerry Perry thank you so much for joining us on Memphis wanted is some great nuggets for everybody and then even speaking directly to some of our leaders that are out there in the community to listen to this program thank you so much for your time and hopefully we'll get to speak again soon and and maybe in some happier circumstances that be fantastic that sounds great thank you hi there Sherri Parry on Memphis morning news it is six twenty one and we have a temperature all of the sixty six degrees yeah hi top stories a curfew goes into effect tonight over in west Memphis Marco McClendon the mayor there has instituted that starting this evening at nine it will go into five o'clock each morning through April the thirtieth he says that he seen some large gatherings large funerals a lot of people to grocery store people that have been supposedly been self isolating that have tested positive they have gotten back out into the community and he says now we've got to take this seriously and now he's clamping down on nothing but essential travel after nine P. M. every night through the rest of this month coming up we've got more on Memphis morning news we've got a little entertainment news for you as well we got tonnage of powers later this hour bill Dundee with your money been Ferguson next hour Tony Dovolani from dancing with the stars so.

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