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Eight thirty three Friday morning last day of August good morning I'm Pat Kerrigan and good morning I'm. Tom Benner our producer Danja ceus our editors Stacey James right now the family, is, filing past the casket of Senator John McCain now lying in the, US capitol as ABC. Referred to and you. Know with all, due respect. Tom how difficult. Must it be it's difficult enough to go to one service or memorial when a loved, one dies without you. Know going to so many of them over the course of one week and any won't be laid to. Rest until. Sunday I just think it must. Be so so. Difficult for the family, to go, through, these very very, public events sure difficult emotionally also logistically yeah There's a certain amount, of protocol, and choreography ball yeah and so you have to through the emotion that you're going through you have to be able. To take direction so to speak and to follow instructions and where you're supposed to be Steph, when you're not. Really. In that mode, for. Sure What a what a sight this morning to see. John McCain's mother Roberta McCain sitting next. To the family one hundred six years old and going through this one site that was welcome to. See though were to participants of congress coming together and standing in front. Of Senator McCain's casket the picture of Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan, walking in. Together, I think. Senator McCain would've loved that and hopefully that will be the site of or the portend as you say of. Things to come that would be nice to see some cooperate corroborate. Cooperation. And corroboration there and now from the people who brought you don't, hold your breath here's yeah yeah I know but what a juxtaposition in a strange sequence of events that John Senator John McCain is being laid to rest Aretha Franklin is Being laid to, rest today. Both, entities have. Occupied the news cycle for much longer than most deaths and funerals do true with the exception of a president. Maybe and so And you know I'm not saying that the guest list is the same it's not but certainly, the official services themselves not exactly the same but just interesting that to such. Divergent. Persons. In, our culture are being remembered. In, such an elongated fashion. On the same week and it'll be. Interesting to see how the Sunday service looks for Senator McCain absolutely yes yes no doubt the weather holds yeah I hope so too. It's raining in the capital this morning it is. Eight thirty six at ks SRO and let's go straight to traffic and take a look at that Friday commute of yours I can do that and, it's easing up again it. Was, pretty easy all morning long, until about, an hour. Ago when we had a situation in Qatar where we had. A, three vehicle injury crash but, that's all cleared up now guitar to Santa Rosa one zero one northbound fine southbound. The the other side of the freeway is moving. Along well Matter of fact you want to get from Santa Rosa to the Golden Gate Bridge this morning now's the, time to do it because. One zero one southbound is wide, open next, update's gonna. Be at eight forty five Dan through CS now with your. Forecast.

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