Patty, Donald Trump, Sarah Sanders discussed on The Joe Walsh Show


Here but i think you are wait hey patty can let me and i'll i'll i'll let you finish but let me just tell you you know in you may be right maybe you think i'm too critical but i always just say what i believe so i'm not going to change i'm always gonna tell you what i think now patty come on now though you have to admit trump's trump's done a pretty decent job of taking personal shots at people hasn't he yes he has and i would have voted for carly i loved carly fiorina i loved her i think what happened saturday night for sarah sanders huckabee sanders i felt like that teams way out of left field for her i do not think she expected that kind of treat you yeah and patty thanks you may be right but again i don't think carly fiorina expected on a national stage to have another presidential candidate say she's ugly i think that kind of came out of left field i don't think i have to ask carly but i don't think she saw that common look guys support him support the good that trump does i do support the disruption that trump brings i do but come on don't be silly cheerleader ignore the fact that he also gets nasty and vulgar with people that's part of who he is that's fine but don't complain when somebody on the other side gets nasty in bulga to come on it's your daily act.

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