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Shannon what do you make of this i'm not surprised the giants realize they have enough of to personality in their locker room they can ill afford to bring on another personality that can be deemed somewhat difficult to code difficult to work with in situations but skip days have to realize skip if you start and you can't be picky about what you're going eat busy true store i saw got homeless guy he had a science says money money for food so i went to starr skip i bought 'em chicken bog down chicken box okay don't worry about women you said you wanted money for food but that's not what he wanted the money for i gave you choose skip day as you can't be chosen for drink yeah exactly but when you were dad situation skip you can't be choosy or i won't the giants you meditate if cleveland calls you if sent who ever call you you're you and your age better take that call and jump on a plane and go visit you do not you're not in a position of power you're in a position of weakness because first of all the first and second wave of free agency has passed now we three days away on thursday they're going to have the nfl draft is hard for me to believe he will get signed this week 'cause they're filled out there board now maybe they don't get the wide receiver and wide receiver they want maybe they give us a call but there's no position to say i wanna play for here while wanna play over there.

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