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Yeah i was a painter painter that makes that it's not the most finding trait of the character that was a movie i'd do laura linney is a great like really small cool film and she's like she's mazing arianna this one's yours we finally stumped to tober people they come and go small peop they just don't wanna know this one this one's easy yeah yeah just friends job i'd loved playing that character oh god that was like some next level shit you're channeling that moving did you know like what am i doing like it made me feel so because on the page it was she was just what if written is just as a as a really like a bitchy characters but some the director just wanted to make her insane and it made me feel just so delicious to like went with you where you wanted to go yeah and he also roger kumble and ryan reynolds like they would they would it was very collaborative it was really fun to be like i i'm going to be like stupid dick fuck yeah like like it was it was just delicious culture like know it'd be great if you saw it now but also in the culture time how many of these girls can we make it just so just so fun to be that insane like nothing rational like character we have one left each so to for you how this right i think we're doing this this might be the best i've ever done questions you might win this thing has anyone ever painted of bourgeois amazing his anyone ever paint your portrait was better has anyone ever policemen please keep playing has anyone ever painted your portrait yeah has anyone ever painted you're put as anyone ever been portrait penis no no they haven't give me five minutes all right over you have to get this one right so what's point four six seven times thirty two this one is to easy i wouldn't be thinking about taking unless we were just talking about it for so long but that's you i know that one is because there was so much math i start memorizing twenty days before shot at on if you get this one right you win this'll be only the second time beyond facebook who pictured as us hang on okay i'm weirdly breathy while i usually am i wanna be on facebook oh it's gotta be what your number on a wins graduations thanks thanks guys is really means a lot last time it was tougher yeah i felt like last imos like you would just play a clip of me going what was hey laura we are ready to get to calls now and we are i i call delia and delia is in connecticut and she's twenty two let's dial can you a little bit dynamics and he turned monitor this way hello hey delia it sim how are you hi sam i'm good thanks how are you doing well on us a high to delia hi delia hi ana weird talking to you hey thanks so much for first minute question i don't know what it is yet but tova grace's here and he's fantastic i do i wear avedis show thank you where are you connecticut i'm from connecticut oh really well it grew up in ridgefield but i live in stamford go i grew up in dairy an and worked at the stanford mall my whole all my teachers video no it's coast video funny i know a bunch of people from dairy i don't think i knew that well from the the movie three then put into a movie that i did with on us.

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