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Ryan clark one of my least favorite steelers of all time and there's very few on that list. There's not many guys that i did. Not like as a steeler and this guy was one of them. Play throwing ryan clark. That would have been let monaco five six years ago. I can't remember help me out and you him. He had a mouth on him was. It wasn't the care from syracuse anthony. Clark that his name now no You're thinking of anthony smith. That wasn't anthony. Yeah he wasn't has smith. I'm thinking mike mitchell mike mitchell. Yeah yeah okay. He came over from from the raiders. Yeah well actually came from carolina. But he was a number-one. Pick from razors. Actually i'm sorry number two pick and one time. He went to ohio university. Yes i thought. When they picked him. I thought it would be a good fit but it didn't. It didn't work out really well. Yeah you're right. So was not a big fan of his. But that's definitely a guy that ryan. Clark was great for this team. And you you need to have those unsung heroes. Now in pittsburgh everybody knew erin loved him around the league. He was a player that you knew him in the division. But did you know him as well so he definitely goes into the tales from two. Am hall of honor. What is your first nomination tate. My first nomination. I'm gonna i'm gonna start going to start from from a a low a little.

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