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Dollars an hour win thirty dollars in our really should be minimum wage not making that that would only be twelve hundred dollars a week which would only be a that's then sixty thousand eight year and we already know by by the fact thomas that it takes seventy left to be happy in america six the grind of right just it just barely sprayed but we all know this and that's thirty backs in our instead were marching for twenty nine thousand years you can't live on that anywhere so we we wheeler these shouldn't we're this terminal position really that doesn't know the term we seem to think their could still be a happy outcome and so we're not get like our lives depend on every with the education system we don't act like our live depend on fix it it's like we have all the time in the world to fix it we turn out media you know so it we don't have all the time of the world public transportation we act like we have all the time in the were look to build high speed train thin and better alternative into the public transportation we dealt the world unguarded spoken global warming it's here we should be shutting down transportation until other methods are bill i'll give you know for instead there was up piece of music that i did not want in something and so i said take everything down take everything down until it because if i don't want to if it's not happy that doesn't make me happy been take it down until it's been well we thing about the planet well the planets about to be a place where we can stop everything until we fix it.

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