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So it's old said i tried to think through how good or how bad something might be impaired with one most probable estimate and even if the badge situational school would then on our of got something with klein on and look i mentioned ed comes from more of a gambling background and his sort of applaud some let's theory through financial markets and ed actually said understanding gambling games like blackjack and some of the others is one of the best possible training grounds the getting into the investment world because you learn how to manage money how to compute odds and how to raise than what to do when you have an advantage or when you have an edge now not going to gloss lawyer that loss point because i think that's absolutely kate reasoning what to do when you have an advantage so i was talk that trading with an age this tightens one step further when you've got an age how you actually make the most of that start your i interviewed a gentleman victor hit ghani now victory was one of the founding partners long term capital management now longterm capital management for anyone who doesn't was a hedge fund that came about in the nine taste uh did extremely well had an amazing track record 1990 and they filed an as spectacular fashion like filed started badly that the the federal reserve i think it was actually had to in and organize a buyout in order to prevent the possibility of a collapse in the global financial system so it messed up pretty bad anyway i the opportunity of spacing waits victor and he still rounds died and victims actually run ran this experiment funding off with the hill old ed soul and this was an experiment i did recently i gathered sixty one participants in a row for.

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