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Rates and a tumbling economy. The cokes seized. On it, this was Rick Santelli, Santinelli whatever his name is who I think it, was CNBC and he said. We need a tea party? What was. He talking about a program Obama was proposing to bail out homeowners. Who whose mortgages were underwater A program that never happened by the, way but Rick Santelli was. All bent out of shape? About oh. My God we're going to help the homeowners instead of the banksters So the cokes seized on it fed at made it their own and created both a mob in the monster the, real genius of that moment Mark Sumner rights was. That the cokes understood the real glowing embers behind the, tiny whiffs of, smoke thrown off by the nascent tea party movement racism The fine tuning of the message that program to Trump tell troubled homeowners wasn't any more about troubled, homeowners It was about troubled black homeowners member this I remember this so, clearly this is the two thousand Must have been two thousand nine. Right the first. Year of the of the Obama presidency And, in? Fact I had guys on this show saying this It was about trouble black homeowners it was about blacks who had gone way out on a limb to buy homes they couldn't. Afford and who are now rightly rightly getting what they deserved it was about blacks who had overreached their. Station got an, out of their place just like Barack Obama And he says the those first gatherings of the tea. Party had signs of what was to come literally there were signs signs that said Barack Obama was a. Muslim signs that says the, government was, was still the problem signs et cetera ordinary Americans were taxed. Enough already a it was like a signal flare going for the cokes rates Mark Sumner so they took a gamble and. Trained one of their biggest guns Americans for prosperity toward the tea party they provided the bus book though. Occasions they worked the phones to get the news on local television they sent out both their coq trained candidates. And their co funded teams to. Make sure that the energy level stayed high the cokes had discovered that that rare who nerve of racism and working class white resentment was still there it. Was just as throbbing and vital as it had been for strong Thurman and Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan Stories about how the money paid by stolen from hardworking whites was going to. Help lazy blacks and invading Browns didn't have to be created from scratch they just need a little touch up The coax found. That the more they reached into those spaces the more angry ugly energy they found they found that Republican voters didn't. Really care about deficits or any of that bunk they cared about eight the cokes had spent more than forty years winning over the GOP by handing out cash and working to build policy but it took less than eight years to utterly transform the party by simply touching. The raw nerves of racism and xenophobia The success of that small investment in. The tea party had to be Hetty even for people like the coke brothers by two. Thousand fourteen they. Take in the Republican party from the wilderness of, a minority in both houses to the largest Republican majority in a century, on the backs of racism and the tea party they, had? Taken the broken pieces of the Republican party and turned it, into a mighty engine and all it took was embracing the fear that white. America straight America Christian America was under threat from an insurgent, wave of Brown Muslim invaders. Waving rainbow flags it worked beautifully the Republican party was back in the driver's seat and the. Coke brothers were driving. A cluster of.

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