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When there is like a very powerful jet i order that necessitate secretion of even stronger people on the dark side at which point what is even the point right and i i guess it's sort of happens throughout the movies you have the republican the djeddai in an analyst guy walker gets created and then goes to the dark side to balance them out but then the dark side gets to powerful so he folks forces uh so what that is that is mentioned in one two and three where it talks about how they're always to sit lord's and how one one dies another will rise up 'cause there's always to that that was the idea is that for the sit there are always to in they're always there to create that balances somehow the force as such expresses itself in an equal balance between if you will the union the yang right right so what's the point of july order half like you know it is a strong jet i ordered is going to create super strong cower runs and superstrong darth vader's etcetera etcetera can can we kind of step back because this is the part that you're alec i talked about this movie a little bit more and all the discussions about the forced like when luke is telling ray why he's not being a jet i i kind of just took that is a meaningless platitude and luke was just basically justifying his reasons of being a coward and that he just couldn't get over the fact that he uh you know created kylo ren but can you guys step back and and talk a little bit about what information about the force is given in this episode that we had not previously learned and and and and what you guys are talking about right now how that kind of paints our understanding of the previous films.

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