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The United States and Sweden's it's held up Sweden's held up by so many of the the folks on the left is a paradigm for this democratic socialism and the folks over at the American enterprise institute our mother lay in that idea to rest it's just not so the number eight five five four five zero three seven three three it's eight fifty five for fifty free got a bit coin dot com find out all the information that you need in order to figure out this whole cryptocurrency thing I think crypto currency is poised to move upward here is the reason we're seeing people fleeing the stock market because of the corona virus stuff happening but you think it's a good idea or not that's what's happening that's the reality of it and that money has to go somewhere it's going to go into liquidity it's going to go into gold and it's my opinion it's probably going to go into crypto cryptocurrency tip now this is a prediction by a talk show host one that's been right a couple of times but the production on the less you should know what cryptocurrency is I'm not telling you to go out and buy it although some experts will say that you step ten percent of your portfolio on cryptocurrency but if you do the place to start is bit coin dot com he can go over there you can find out what crypto currency is you can get a a wallet which.

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