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Com slash feel Happy Get 15% off your first month. I'm mad Bear with traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter. It wi VC traffic. Randy Allah, Swiss TV meteorologist. What's going on? Yeah. Hey there, Tony Boy could be a breezy, cold December 1st day out there still few flurries going on across the area. We had about an inch to almost two inches of snow across parts of Madison County. Also into a Henry County out around Newcastle today, partly sunny the high right around 34. So I'm gonna clear it out. Cold, low temps for 22 Sonny. Warmer tomorrow. The high 43 degrees Thursday increasing clouds high 45. I think Tony will keep it dry and Easily cool for Friday into the weekend. One model wants bringing some rain Saturday. I'm gonna blow it off right now. So we'll keep Saturday Sunday Dry temperatures low to mid forties. That is Randy Alice of Wish. TV, Randy. Thank you 28 degrees in the American Standard Heating Weather Center. The time is 706 this'll hour on 93 WBC is powered by Pierce Jewelers, Carmel's Diamond fashion store. All right. Everybody be on the lookout. We're gonna help I want I want the police to know we are here to help Westfield's police department. Working to identify two women involved in a Syriza's off liquor thefts. Westfield in knows other they're targeting CVS stores driving a black Ford fusion between 2006 and 2012. They're not sure when It is.

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