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You even though she's acting it's not me deriding the acting ability but there is a thing where she's like. Oh my god. I feel like you're just being yourself like you're just being authentic. Even as he's playing a character which is like so cool and not easy to do. No no and terachi is just one of those. Jesus christ careers are so fucking long people. You know where it feels like. You have multiple kind of false starts where it's like as you said she just essentially does tv until this movie right and little little tiny guess guest spots after this she gets stuck on the division for sixty six episodes a show that like runs for years and her and like jon hamm and a bunch of other highly capable actors just cash paychecks really like getting any attention right now and it really is like four years later four brothers and hustle and flow a movie singleton directs in a movie singleton produces. He pushes her through again and is like what do i have to do to make people notice this woman hustle and flow is the one where i feel like people like stand up and take attention. Then she's in this run of like okay. Now she's getting like supporting parts and she's in smoking aces and talk to me. And then benjamin button oscar nomination and then even post oscar donation. It feels like people don't really know what to do with her. Yeah she does a lot of movies. But it's only like tyler. Perry giving her like a first person to put her above the title. She has like a nothing paycheck role in date night as one of the cops. She's the mom karate kid where she's like the oscar nominee you add to that cast out a little bit of we right and then you know larry crowne like the think like a man movies but all the time she's on fucking fifty five episodes a person of interest. Oh yeah she was the second lead she quits that show because she's like all the fucking marketing is just emerson caviezel. It's three people on the show. I'm nominated for a fucking oscar and you don't put me in any of the ads so she quits and then her career like takes off then it finally happens. Where like empire how empire rate the company mangas and then she becomes a leading lady. It's well but but that's like a twenty year journey essentially and she'd probably still doesn't get enough respect. I dunno well david next year. She of course voicing bell-bottom in minions the rise of grew so that's when the career really peaks. Oh boy that's so hard being a black. Oh my god and tirees. They're like we have to have a tie reese conversation. I think he's goodness movie. I think he was this very like interesting presence in these movies. He made early on post. This right i like him. In honestly. I like him into faster. Furious sampling kind of a different character than he ends up playing. Both i just wanna say tyrus is a really good singer and singer. Obviously his solos as well has work with. Tgt is iconic. And i feel like that bedrock also. He's insane. Yes yes i mean if you look at teresa social media. He's he's a lot of person. He has a benny honner in his backyard. Okay all right but this is my question. This is my question would look at the. Does he still get hibachi from the benny honner in his backyard. Is that your question. Just full-sized transformers in his backyard. A point at which that he kinda tip that way or was that always. No no you. Okay what's your my personal thought. This wipe okay. I thought okay. This is a if. I don't really this is my thought.

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