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Year some audio cuts by jonathan gruber away yes this one lack of transparency the huge political advantage and basically all the judiciary murder don't own out ever now i'm so sick of that come i love you arm and but you know that you got sick of it but i have to keep playing that because it drives home the point that doesn't removal yes so shane has a system where all these things are set up and and my very quickly i might add because you may call for this we have to pass the bill said that you can find out what is in it wall one of my favorites one of my favorites i graze but i hate that gut and now and other democrat that gets a lotta time on the show chuck schumer right yes akg so that song was dedicated to him saying absolutely it was less bad right and we are spread that's turn your from the sales department hugh so i had her i had her i said on an email said i need the best michael jackson voice and she's a responding that is amazing so shade how many of these special hurma buttons do you have i don't know they get slapped up their ashley's counting because she can see the screen wow nine times for his thirty 36 way really well that was the i've yeah yeah oh that's on at remarks added that midday oh in then our honorary show member jole a longtime friend of yours hearings there dole say that i came in handy when obama we do a lot of press conferences benson's on an office we have really had to play that right you know what not to wear a recorded that now in a car in the car jordanhart purpose other airport the recorded that on my ipad because that was always his reaction new pommard give a speech very sad 'nother data and i was amazing said joel would you would you give me that come at a game what do you think obama speech instead note and that became one of our favorite buttons because sometimes they don't see anything i know my favor when.

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