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From fiction and empower the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves with trusted expert advice. That remains such huge stigma surrounding women. He do certain types of fitness. The belief that the likes of strength training will quickly transform you into an incredibly masculine version of yourself holds back so many from achieving that personal bests and. Age of Instagram, Wa walkouts are released everyday. It can be all too easy to get sidetracked with ideas. That may not actually be right for you. This week's food for thought sees personal trainer Listen Mountain undying, keep you grounded with the simple truths and science behind exercise had Lissi High Elo Isn't this strange during these lovely remote podcasts recordings at the moment. I feel like I'm very tech savvy right now. I've got this headset on and I'm ready to go. I I I mean I think in terms of being on the Internet. Probably never been on. Let's stop with social media so much before in my life i. like everybody suddenly logging onto social media as a place to go at a time of while crisis ready. I my screen time at the moment is disgusting. But even my parents I it that Guy Video Kohl's in his while I feel like I'm spending all my time on my screen, but that's the way it is right now. It is it's it's an interesting one. It kind of fits in with our conversation today nine stem and I read a tweet last week, and that said if you don't come out of lockdown, stronger and fitter. Than ever before you never lacked time. He kind of lacked discipline now. I think. There is a big issue with this quite and. When I read this I thought. ooh, this is something we need to discuss. The puck caused AC because it kind of suggests that fitness has nothing to do. Without Mental Health and surely this is a big misconception together. Yeah, I kind of spent a lot of time. Battling this thought process for for my community I think. The.

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