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And window, but before we get into, the meat of? The news. Andrea are you? There I John. Could you by the way how are you I'm great how are you I miss. You, I was going to get to see you taking out thinking we might see you yeah we were. The, whole, idea. Of us being in California was, something I kept on a back burner yes big. Reveal I know on the big reveal. We, thought. We thought you hurt us getting tiny No we did a big, reveal on radio we we did you did here Before. You get to lose you do me a favor absolutely explained to my daughter I what we're to say. The, difference between the top of the hour. And the bottom. Of the hour Because I'm gonna have to defer to. Know this is this is, Amy is this the bottom of the? Hour it's halfway through I think. It was a radio thank. You bottom of the hour right all? Right thank you But. Maybe we learned that. From. The best. In John Whatever it is You guys. Are the best thank. You so much we'll back locally. Here in Chicago a jury today found suspected gunman Mikhail ward guilty in the fatal shooting a fifteen year old idea Pendleton in two thousand thirteen. Big national story the verdict came a day after a separate jury found. Suspected getaway driver Kenneth Williams guilty of first degree murder and aggravated battery the father. Of two Indiana boys who drowned in the kankakee river was officially charged today at admitted to using drugs thirty, four year, old Eric Patillo which hard with two counts of neglecting dependent resulting in death and a reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person who fatally shot a thirty three year old man in the city's uptown neighborhood. On Sunday Thirty-three-year-old Dennis Thomas was sitting in his car in the forty six hundred block of north Clifton when someone pulled up and shot, him several times he. Was pronounced dead, at that scene we'll have traffic sports and weather. Next on WGN remember when you couldn't.

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