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Am interested to see how that works interested to see the e. and of course the suv versions of both of those and then that technology is available to the whole company so full electric may back. I wonder definitely one really looking forward to Telling me more about this as we get to find out more so that's our first car which is going to be three quarters of the podcast today. Second call we're talking about is the audi q four h. On this is the vw. Id for is the skoda any ivy in saudi clothing and that is also a very very very good thing because audi styling appeals to me subjective. I don't know if it will appeal to outside. I think stunning inside. It's go buttons which breaks people's minds if they've come from a tesla but it suits me i you know. I don't like to take my eyes off the road when i'm driving. So is a a a mid size. Suv maybe it's an suv. Crossover pending on how you you think about it but you know the on the big issue. It's smaller than that right. So of course if you know like an audi q. Five perhaps that's the similar size for this two hundred and one horsepower. Electric motor seventy seven kilowatt hour battery two hundred ninety five horsepower. Jewel motoo sets up all-wheel drive. Of course it's audi quattro. nowadays it is optional. I'm amazed that. Make this in two wheel. Drive audi is famous for roy. Driving range of two hundred and fifty miles on this up against the model y the volvo xc recharge like say that the stablemates is going to be made in the same factory as the four as well the. Id three that factory in germany. There's a couple of models base price the of the cue for easter on forty slots around forty five grand Again north to sixty seven point seconds. I still one hundred and seven point six seconds not gonna win any drag race records. But then you can spec the audi e tron fifty and hundred ninety five horsepower. That will do the six second dash nor to sixty which already putting just about most combustion cars to shame when you get to that now just like the i four on the skoda supports charging one hundred and twenty five kilowatts in the real world tests on the four. I've seen it go a little bit higher than that as well. So slugger infra half an hour. Eighty percent bob's your uncle off. You go jobs a gooden. This looks like a great car for so many people. If you're in the minimalist thing go tesla if you're on the bigger version go for the hr or the pace the mercedes benz e see but if you want they size car with this level of comfort and and audi styling as well again when everybody appeals to me personally then this could be really serious car to look at bill on the platform and available in june slide. The id four is outside already skoda already..

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