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So you know who goes up the foreshore pawn. But then if Rachel winds just barely try to shift her target to somebody else as she okay with Rachel going home. I know a lot of the rationale behind pudding, Rachel up on the block was to hide their so called girls alliance. And so whether or not Bailey really does stay true to that or is willing to lose Rachel for keeping someone like Scotty is going to be interesting to see how her decisions play out this week depending on who wins you. Yes, and it should also be noted that Bailey let believe it was Angela. No, it might have been Rachel. Like people told me that these three women, Angela, Rachel and Casey are sitting pretty like not not being touched. Just like not being nominated or anything. That's and they don't like that. And the women assumed that the people saying that were Haley in rockstar, and not the people that actually said it, which were believe Essien Scotty. So. You know, they don't have a lot of trust in that women's they do. They do feel like they can have Bailey as their plan, be sort of backup plan if level six doesn't work out. But Rachel's not really feeling that super highly either at the moment because she just got put up by by Bailey. So a lot of things kind of in flux right now. And I think we're going to start to see things solidify in the next few days, especially once we get the veto out of the way. Yeah, there was one other conversation I wanna talk about that was between Rachel, Casey and Sam. So Rachel and Casey win to get Sam because they, they knew that Sam had the power because of what happened this past Thursday, and we're asking Sam if she remembered any of the other powers that were up there because Sam was the first one, it's electric power. So she would have been able to see all of the other cons. And it's so funny to that Sam remembered where identity theft and what she described as you cloud. Which is the cloud power. And so they spent some time speculating on tensely what those powers could be. And Rachel does mention, oh, wonder if identity theft is something like I dunno taking h power, the veto power, he was like, oh, definitely veto power. So the fact that this conversation happened is really interesting because I really hope that Rachel continues to think about this and then things. Okay. Maybe Bailey's is the identity theft, so who could have the cloud power? What could that be?.

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