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On Rob Cicirino back here to talk with you about all the week's most interesting news stories here on the first first week of October two thousand nineteen here on news a F- wasn't like it's crystal and it's about to be the same moods makes you put to death. He's actually she was okay. We are here live on news af I got scared for a second because Tyson got up. I thought he was walking off the show but I yeah he's GonNa hang hang in there with us. Here is Tyson apostol ties never are you. I'm great. I just noticed there's a lot of back light so I closed the blind. See could see my beard a little bit better than growing it out not sure when I'll shave it but it's it's definitely wispy and thank you and had a great a great week but you know this is always the highlight. This is the one constant in my life that I always look forward to good happy to have you back here and we were just talking about the show came on that you wrote a blog about this the past week on survivor the very rare thereto survivor blog by Tyson apostle pocket pocket dot com go check out Tyson that to say about the survivor premier and leave a comment there that would be nice yeah. I don't know so I had a I had a deal to write data. Weekly blog focused on Ronnie because pocket fives is a poker website and Ronnie is a professional poker player and he got voted out first so my contract is over th- all done back. Can you get back doc in. I don't think oh I see it right there. Just found the article yeah yeah and I got a little shout out to the news af on there that I link ironically you wrote a blog about the survivor premier Stephen Fishbach didn't he just gave out his award in a tweet. Why didn't people post my talk? Five people maybe Stevens Ever GonNa miss a week he and he can ask you to fill L. In pretty damn good at writing. I am a man who is a frequent reader of blogs the Great Dante Bryson here at the Andy. How are you good? My Lips are sunburned venture adventure when you start licking skin your lips that's when it all starts to go downhill. Why because there's dry drying pray no younger while he was in hiding in the bushes following? My Lips hurt so bad right now and they're so stiff who was once a liquor starts. No no no. I was doing this time. Okay I mean it's great to have a friend who will voluntarily lick your lips for you those guilty but no it was all me venture consist of besides lip licking or was that the bulk of it I wrote a shuttle with strangers in the morning that was an entertaining I went to Maroon Bells in Colorado and I climbed Maroon peak. What kind of four thousand footer yeah the father's was amazing like? I'm melting and the reason there's a shuttle is that so many people love the leaves that it gets out of control turns to a big automobile circus. Oh It's close to cars yeah after six thirty in the morning is closed. Is this a fall event Danny. Is this something instead of apple picking you go look at the fall. I guess I went there for the mountain but I'm thinking that most people go there so that they can for the mountain. Stay for the foliage. Yes exact- rob. You don't know that that's a thing lots of city folk like like to wander into nature in the fall to see the colors changing some good forest bathing in the afternoon before there was TV Danny like before there was colored. Yeah that would make sense. I thought people used to like that was an activity that people did go look at the leaves are going to change colors because he's the only seeing things shows in black and white and it's like Oh this is that they have red. They have orange. Will you have when the leaves are part of it right so you could watch it on TV but there's also the feel of cool mountain breeze is endless Danny. Oh I was bathing so hard I was soaking nature soaking super hard data okay all the way so route. So how many miles did you have to go. It wasn't Rhodesia. This shuttle eliminated eight miles but really I would rather have done and my car. I don't like you get there. The roads closed. They heard you onto a bus with a bunch of strangers. You know this beforehand that you're going to have no I did not I. I'm terrible doing research a lot. There's a lot of surprises when I go on with Kristoff with you your Nemesis Chris Hill about the foliage ages pants or what love foilage all around. How could you not know what does lead to is now? I've got a really focused on this podcast to not lick my lips even though I want to. Why don't you wear chapstick chapstick on okay Carmax no not carmax card? Do they still make carmax remember. All the girls in high school. Were just slathering on Karma yet. Do Carmax is the best day back then so danny could you maybe get some sort of like a gross flavor chapstick that would be medical benefits but then if you lick your lips it tastes tastes gross. That is a good ideal sucking supposedly stuff you put on the way that are we going to the slot terrarium right now. I think we're we're already there. Yeah I'm sitting down. Yes like dog feces flavored. chapstick mails smells like automatically on your lip so you're going to get a a little bit of the taste but yeah maybe something that Burns your tongue yeah now because it burning your lips to well. I think this is a great idea. We'll have to get scientists to work on some music. Broccoli Cheddar fights cheese I do that would actually be delicious. uh-huh yeah it'd be great most people it would be tear up if we had like a terrarium like sound like sound effects like I feel like we need like a news Jose F like announcer guy to record yes yes. What's the welcome to the shark tank because can it be just like the only thing we don't even WanNa copy because I think copying would be pretty good combined? They've made over sixty five thousand dollars in the last decade Yeah Yeah Danny not self made multimillionaire after his parent's death. One case is to get to work on it already. Did you already made a great intro to the bowl well. I think it's on your shoulders to make this not have to watch shark tank and see if I can come up with something but if there's there's definitely better artists in the audience than Myself Golf I'm more of a seat of his pants off the cuff type guy I don't really do is do sitting in organizing a kind of people have any drops for us that they want to get into the show send send those over Okay News. What is it news af our news and news af dot com I gotta I gotTa look that up address? Probably Something Message Robert Rob's website dot com okay all right so let's go ahead and talk about our top story at this hour and took a second. They're GONNA pop up. Okay the crazy beverage car at O'hare Airport Tyson. Have you seen this dude. This is nuts and and I don't even know how this happens like. Did somebody put a brick on the gas pedal so it's just this beverage cart right at the base ace of this airplane just spinning wildly encircles and getting more and more out of control and just like shooting Kansas soda out of it and then running over as they have a moment of silence for all those we lost yeah you'd and the other thing is there's like ten people around trying aim to stop it and a couple of almost got clipped by this thing if they would have gotten hit for sure they would be in the hospital if not worse because this thing was was spinning out of control and you know how heavy a single soda is your Magin Three Hundred Sodas so what happens appetizing was that a case of water fell on the cattle the car seats they probably had over stacked or overstocked the in the little box on the back. You had to put it on the front seat. The Guy breaked slid off. How did he fall out? He probably Bale Bale. No Oh for maybe he was out and it just slipped off while he was out anyways this dude gets. I don't even know what kind of you know how at the airport you go. Oh hit the tarmac and there's just like ten of the craziest car type vehicles you've ever seen in your life and you don't know what any of them do like the steer machine driving one and this one was just like a ramp thingy and some hero rammed the shit by the way heart right before it hit the airplane when I watched the video my concern I didn't even I thought don't let it hit that plane. Yeah it was a minor. The major concern was like it's GonNa hit that plane even if it dents it that's like a fifty thousand dollar repair to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars the guy who rammed it. He's living out a fantasy. Could you imagine everyone would step up in this moment. There's a lot of just looking forward to ramming stuff but I would love to Ram something yeah but even in that moment would you be like I'm going to ram this this thing and it's going to damage to things greater than awesome and I'm going to be a hero even though I got to just ram something but what if he's held liable I can see American Airlines yeah. That's the danger let the fantasy is. I've always wanted to ram stuff like it's when when I'm driving I'm always thinking it'd be cool to ram that drive on here. Any talks about is ramming and you're just like Dan Ramdan. I'm GonNa Ram you. Oh and I'm like what with my car yeah but the thing is in that moment is hard to break away from what you're when. You're watching the cart spin. I actually think I'm going to get in that vehicle. I'm going to time it at least half decent right because time is important and we gotta get under timing and rhythm are very important when Ramya I mean and yeah you gotta you gotTa time it right and you Ramtane fast then what happens if you prematurely ram you could really damage yourself but the other problem is if he rams his incorrectly he might damage the jet. That's when he goes from hero to villain when he causes right like he sort of like size is we cards and like rams ten people after he drives high speed right through the car because he times it wrong yeah. It's it's a jet on the other side of this jet mid explodes in. It's like the motorcycle thing we're all the jets tip over one tip. They're just like clunk clunk clunk clunk so ramming comes with risks and lots of race so if you miss if you misjudge Ram you might cause a lot of a other damage people hit planes so I guess in that where he is a hero because he took the risk actually successfully pulled it off and so yeah when you need somebody to Ram something hope that whore hey man laying being the hero of O'hare airport is is nearby do yeah. He's good at ramming. Do you think that they're going to give this guy his own ramming vehicle vehicle that he just didn't out the truth with twenty four seven just like a Mad Max v Goes Yeah Flower Man yes no plows allows on it and scoopers and stuff. That's what this guy like a Lamborghini but with like a ramp built down the frontier. Oh we need it under stuff yeah. This is the hero we needed and this is I hate to say or hey but right now read. It is digging up all your dirt Ken bones. He's uh-huh from the bath. He's about to hear Ramsden's. I hope not I hope not like go. Check out the instagram posts looking out making these instagram accounts ban. He has his own youtube. Frank series beating cat poop sandwiches to homeless people you the problem with Iran. This is another thing I thought of when I was looking at this he could have rammed it..

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