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And follow on instagram twitter and facebook at eddie trunk twitter where i would be the most active and most up to the second for your news and info also excited on headed to mexico this weekend be cancun area i'm going to be filming the next episode of my brand new tv series coming soon to access tv called trunk fast covering music festivals covering a festival with zac brown in rivi era maya mexico this weekend we're going to get all these shows done then you're gonna see this series roll out later this year excited to be ramping up again shooting new shows for the access tv show coming soon more information about its premiere when i can share when i have that information remember hear me daily on sirius xm one oh six volume live from two to four pm eastern time replaying every night nine to eleven pm eastern and always on demand on the sirius xm app doing rock talk every single day calls interviews and more most of the interviews you here on the trunk podcast are courtesy and originated on that radio show so needless to say as usual a lot going on schedule stacked a lot of great stuff going on and follow along and keep up on social media for all the info and updates we have to get right to our interviews because i got to forty this week three guests over the course of two interviews i up one of my all time favorite guitar players from one of my all time favorite bands former ufo guitarist michael schenker michael schenker currently out on tour with the michael schenker fest that is happening right now across the us getting rave reviews touring with three of his former lead vocalists and everybody's raving about the show two and a half hour show michael schenker's putting in we talk about it on the eve of the tour we also talk about the potential for ufo reunion with the fortieth anniversary of strangers in the night and a whole lot more than the second interview on this week's podcast legendary producer eddie kramer and the man who controls the jimi hendrix archives john mcdermott both of them together talking jimi hendrix and talking about the new yes new hendrix album that just came out lot of fun to talk to jimmy hendrix who engineered the.

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