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Say this invasive species probably came to the U. S from Asia as fish bait several years ago. Conservationist say the worms are a threat to agriculture, gardens and forests because they can damage plant roots. Let's look at this wreck on the 60. Group of Allie is 60 westbound just passed by right. Three. Left lanes are blocked. Injury wreck is the reason so the drive is jammed up back to the 91 to 15 interchange there really a slow ride just packed in really tight. The home passed on the 15 North found just after 1 38 right lanes blocked with an injury crash. How much living in the North bound side South 15, now heavy from Ranchero rode down to just pass Cleghorn Kay, if I and this guy is sponsored by injury attorneys superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Ball with an update in Carson. All right, you betcha. But we've been shirking over the Goodyear airship here in Carson. What is closed. Now is the South bound 1 10, the harbor Freeway south and 1 10 to the south. Four or five to north. You could do it. That's open, but to the south, it looks like it's gonna be there for I was a rig crisis of some type of There's a big spell in there putting speedy, dry down. It looks like it's gonna be there for a while. So the backup to the 91, you can use anything really Avalon to get you to a south four or five on ramp that'll work for you, but any of the surface streets Especially backed up Now the transition from the West 91 to the South won 10. So it's all knotted up north at Dr. Coming through here is not too bad, really some little software and the one of five and then slow into downtown Los Angeles Angeles. Excuse me. We're in the form of five up four Daleks coming up. Injured. An accident is a superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bark a F I am the sky can find This guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks, if you know, please like a cowboy, Please. There's no time like a couple of time in the way like the cowboy way. Have a caballo candidate here when you're all that whole crowd boys contained that cowboy ground you away like the cowboy way have a cab candidate here. Like to have a big time drive the new big Sky burger. Every Rogers restaurants. It's a quarter pound burger with Smithfield pulled pork beer battered onion rings. American cheese in spicy barbecue sauce on a corn dusted Kaiser bun ain't no way like the cowboy way and a song like a cowboy song have a cowboy kind of date at a road in a way all going wrong. Have yourself a big time. Try the big scale Burger at Roy Rogers Restaurant's door Nash and Uber eats available at participating restaurants. I'm Dr Baker and er physician. If you're having leg pain, swelling or readiness, but haven't talked to your doctor yet, don't wait. This could be deep vein thrombosis,.

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