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But like if this happened like twenty fifteen, it'd be like the biggest story in the world that they're starting quarterback after warmups the trainer on his own team punctured lung it's it's like it's Unbelievable that this this happened. But. You know the panthers were not as Frisky and we to as they were in week one and now they lose McCaffrey who? Excuse me obviously, we all know how important he is. And you know big thing Herbert also, he he was the surprise starter last week. Now he gets. The entire week of preparation and reps and everything the panthers prepare for him, but I don't know how much that matters So you know I lean chargers but don't feel too strongly about it Gary? Yeah I like her but a whole lot more than tyrod but I think the big mess mismatch here is this chargers pass rush that look they dominated the bengals and we sort of said, well, maybe it's just the bengals but then the dominated the chief. So the panthers are not good up front I I. Think There's a game that Joey Bosa just takes over and. I don't know how the panthers are going to move the ball. So you can have herbert ends up putting up You only like twenty, twenty, three points on my dad I don't know if the panthers are GonNa get to ten here. The panthers are A. weaponless team right now nothing going on on offense. All. Right. Let's get to the best bets as we wrap up the week three addition. I've got four for you Gary, how many do you have? I five. Let's hear Gary A..

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