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The loose the us and the orient attorney the move in the southern the district maneuvering is more adroit built back the two in 1984 cases when against russia and me japan one in two fought thousand we kicked are four old friends which the russians and federal back judge japan presiding then are said very it was generous the most international unfounded bankers criminal were financing case or but what japan she had presided now the trend in is this to poisonous entire thirty against years the japanese on the bench what does is and opendoor then the policy other to china mean uh to us in our trade two with thousand china's about six now uh coverage uh which nino kerr cost me the the electric in two thousand six and also costly 88 bus alive in a in a federal prison uh is the the the weaponization of the criminal justice system is something that we've come to expect from in a brutal despotic regimes uh you know whether it's uh you know the the communist gun government of uh of china or cambodia or something like that you know the vietnam uh but uh it's not something that has historically been trained in the united states against politicians arguably with the exception of against people of color who have political aspirations particularly in a from the 1870s to the 1970s arguably um shut but a any speak to that this weaponisation of the criminal justice system well it is it is clear oh we just lost governor sigelman um hopefully he'll call us right back so but we're we're we're talking with uh government governor don siegelman there's a new movie about his is a life than and uh experiences uh they title the movie as atticus versus the architect the political assassination of don siegel and uh the website for the movie as atticus of the the architect dot com and of course it the.

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