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Brady you know who the hell i am last week. The big fan and exceed champion jumped me from behind like a coward and this week. I'm going to beat you at your own game. And he's still the way he still evil johnny but when you put up against carry. It's impossible not to love him. I really want johnny to win. I don't know if you will. I want those two sweet baby gaga. No kids to be able to tap some titles again. Yes please so into it and then and then give austin the us title and let the way. Hold all of the gold. All of it please. They need all of it at some point right right. Even if they don't give candidates the women's silent they just have the tags. That's fine for me for now. I can accept that. I'm just like very in love with an x t again. It didn't take much. I was last week. I was kind of like. I feel like maybe in fallow ground and then this week titled changes johnny in the main event. Ovalles's candice big. I love it one more so it does look like we had the mixed tag mercedes martinez and jake atlas. It's continuing for a minute They did lose to ali and boa boa. Wow talk about your thing ruthless aggression. I feel like they must have had a meeting. Whether like guys we kept the show on roman reigns the way too long. So let's just get out there. Let's just put him out there. Happen really unfortunate as to how the match ended. Obviously we know has had an incident before with injuring a lia. Although how much that was actually a genuine terrible terrible injury and how much of that was popping off to get some stuff done. 'cause elliott got a bunch of stuff done when that happened but obviously. She clocked mercedes with that kick. She really took her out. And that's kinda scary but without having seen any official response to that. Let's assume mercedes okay and discussed the match on its merits and those two looked like they would just tear through anything hall and it was amazing hon you get to can we. Just oh man. My big problem has been the sequence and the weird vegas showgirl illness of all new like. I hope she took carryings jacket. Backstage was like i'm gonna have to take this from you and turn into bat. Asa makes stupid and wolf. What matt yet. Great match and then isaiah swerve. Scott brunton read for the north american title. Hit rose got some gold. They got some gold. And that's not a record but it is. It is a belt. I wanted to be sad about it. Because i love brunson read so much but i think he's going. I don't wanna say up. I guess over around over right. I think going around going around away I think he's i think he's transitioning over to the other side. And i guess that's good i know it's always an instinct is an xy loves spill ono. Don't go don't go. But their dream right. I remember that like hits his dream roster they make more money and hey you know what you can't win. It's the same thing that someone told me about moving to la. Because i think it's the same kind of thought where if you are. I'm sure you've got some of this when you move to. People were like stay where you are held up the seen all of that stuff but a certain point you have to go and what a mentor of mine told me is you can't win if you don't play. And so you gotta get up on that main roster and then just see what happens because who knows it could be that you land like a wet fart. It could be that you surprise everyone and you have no idea how that's gonna work for you until you start selling them t shirts truly truly and you look at the main roster now and so much of it is made up from foam annex t talent that you can't just say we'll be ruined everyone it's like they don't ruin everyone. They ruined the majority of people. Don't go bump in the whole gang in together bianca. Bellairs doing fine doing fine. Seth rollins doing fine. Like all these people doing. Fine kevin owens doing okay. Sammy mostly fine. People annex t a shinsegae's in a storyline. Not last baron cohen's on tv every fucking two seconds like there's every chance that he's going to go up and do well. It might take a minute to figure it out. There might be some stumbling blocks but if this is what he is always wanted and he's going to get it then. Fuck yeah let him have it. And i in that case like fine hit row does need a belt you can't have that swagger and arrogance a not backing up. It's almost vibe as liga. Llegado right you need to have gold for a while to establish you. If you're going to be that arrogant. Plus i got some really great movable moments that people being thrown through through walls and i happen to love that i do love throwing through walls. If you've got any thoughts about all the things we've talked about specifically wall throwing find us on social channels in our show notes. We're not listening all those individually up on this channels and show notes when we come back time to look at one of the best promos ever on its tenth anniversary. Alright julian. that's next tights and fights. I love the editorializing makes.

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