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But you were still getting hit of all of those three neurotransmitters when you were in just it that's just it's just mind blowing to me so much in our brains yeah oh yeah it really really is not really helps people shed the guilt shame to know that hey this this isn't really you know i i really would shift the blame to the food industry in the food supply because it is it is a drug that's out there i always say it's the most available legalized drug out baird's available twenty four seven it's available you know in canada we have restrictions but with food we can have it advertised on billboards tv commercials and the worst is we market children the sugar yeah we market we try to get them hooked as early as possible and the consequences that about now inside eighties so type two diabetes used to be called adult onset diabetes they no longer can call that because we are now a diagnosing for five year olds with type two oh my gosh adult onset diabetes because of what we're feeding them in the cereals and the snacks and the fact that children have treats twice a day like a treat with lodge treat with dinner it's it's complete brainwashing that this is now the norm in more right even i'm you know they're eating on subways and buses and it seems like there was a time you know i'm forty five years old there was a time when you only eight at mealtime yeah what was it like eight twenty five or something and nobody snapped snacking was not a thing and you certainly never brought like you would never be in a doctor's office union abaga chips nobody would ever or be on the subway having a nice people didn't eat in transit people didn't eat they literally sat down eight a meal and that's no longer the case it's it's quite literally twenty four seven an end it's like no one's it's not like oh i buying like bags of bags of booze someone's looking at me it's like if you're buying food no one's there's not even that guilt or shame like anything like that either which is just right experienced that but i'm just saying like i think that that's also why people are.

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