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Today, Sam tells me Trump without a video where he's conceded. There will be a new team in there on January. 20th trumpet earlier said that it would be a smooth transition. Uh, but your thoughts about what you saw yesterday now, Mike Carlin from New Brunswick. He was there and he sent us a bunch of pictures, which I've got an n j 115 dot com. Check out my page. He joins us now. Hey, Don't Mike Great man. How's it going? All right. So what was it like yesterday you down there? I mean, I know you want to start. I mean, when I got down, there was You know, just getting in. There was a feeling of uncertainty like you don't know what's gonna happen and you know it comes down to. I think a lot of people that would came down. They went down for Trump. But I think at the end of the day I think of every was down there too, you know, to put freedom and democracy and And really the Constitution. Did you go to the Trump Rally and then the capital or did you go straight to the capital? I went to the Trump rally first. That was our main Neil. I was my own down with a few buddies of mine. That was our main objective. Just get down there and, you know, just support him. But like I said the other day support the Constitution. I was about to go home after the after the rally. And on my way home. I'm asking a police officer Secret Service officer. How do I get? How do I get to my Georgetown Part? And next thing I know. I hear this roar coming down the street and here it comes. Trump train, right? I was like, I gotta go. I gotta follow them. I got. I can't. I can't say I didn't go. You know, It's so once in a lifetime opportunity. You've got to go. Yeah. I had to say like by the time we got there by the time the main parade got there. There was already people up on the stairs, right? You know, So there was people already there. People left the rally early. And they like I said, Like, what time I got there everything, but he was already there. They're already up there already tear gassing people. So by the time the whole trump train got there You don't go to the capital. I mean, that's that's there. They're doing their job. When you were at the Trump rally. Did he tell you to go to the capital? He said to take two take the walk and go to the capital, but he didn't say You know? Bombard it. Go inside, do all these crazy things He just said to go to the capital, and they had barricades up e. I mean, I'm sure everybody's seen the videos of where they let Just let the protesters in. There's two cops, they open up the gates. And then it just got out of control. And then it got out of control. It's it's monkey. See, monkey. Do you know, of course, when there's thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even a millions of people there Now we did You feel like you were in any danger while you were there? No, not at all. Never, never felt in any danger at all. Um, maybe on the way back. It was a little, you know, just kind of like that feeling in my heart, Like, okay. Just got to watch my back. Always be aware of the surrounding right. Right? How do you feel now? Having gone Well, I feel good. I I'm glad I went like I said, like, I'm always I'm always proud to. I'm always gonna back the Constitution. I'm always gonna back America on the Patriot. You know whether it's Donald Trump whether it's whoever doesn't matter who was running for office is long with their upon it. Take the American people's views. And really force it. That's what I'm always looking to support. All right, Mike, thanks for the pictures and thanks so much for coming on. Yeah, I always men always I'll talk to you soon. You got it. Thanks for calling New Jersey One on 1.5. Tony is inflaming thing under Jersey one on 1.58, Tony. I was just wanna rush a belated Happy New Year. Happy New Year, Tony. Yeah, that, too. If this is gonna happen in the first month, what's still what's the rest of the 11 months gonna be my God, Tony, you have to go to a desert island and just stay there. We're gonna go to Gilligan's Island. You Ginger was left to go to Gilligan's Island. She's younger than Pelosi. Good. If I may. Let's to prevent Trump from pardoning himself. And there was I got arrested yesterday. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know how that's gonna work. I don't know if he would. I don't think he would, uh, that's a very good question for his Is his organism. Whatever is movement, you know, you know what? Basically again I can't believe that there are people so passionate about any politician. That they would go to these extremes. I've never seen this in my life. I remember. A year ago when he came to Wildwood. It was freezing cold in Wildwood, where there's nothing going on, and thousands of people went down and knowing they were going to see him. I've never seen anything like this. But I do, I would say good. He is. Still people still believe in his legacy. Billionaires just a gunman got rich from scratch. But they don't know the dark side that he's regardless, anything again isn't even matter. He could be the biggest crook going who I mean I can't be. Can you think of anybody I think of all the presidents we've ever had, and that's that's what's so amazing to me. Thanks Tony for the call to New Jersey one on 1.5. That you know, they just blindly go and He could have Brought this whole thing in for a landing. Contested the election. I tried Uh, form your own opinions, You know, I mean, I tried and now we go out with dignity we transfer. You know, he's finally doing it today because now he's got no choice. And he had he really had no choice from the beginning. But he could have been a smooth transition and he leaves with the legacy of the presidency. Whatever that is. When the smoke clears in four years, we know what it's going to be now. It's not gonna be the same. Because of what happened yesterday. John is in West Trenton on New Jersey. One on 1.5. Hey, John. Hey, Steve. Halfway good. How are you about what I saw yesterday? Steve, I think is the cherry on the top Three years of listening to Russian collusion listening to impeachment trials will be Listening to everything that they went after this guy, her French jail only 21st of 2000 and seven team. We broke down that escalator and they didn't let up. Agreed didn't wake up and it didn't stop. What is the government little bit? He's the most politicians and Washington Hey, changed that president out extreme. Let's be honest, John..

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