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Piece this may look like a japanese movie it looks like a studio ghibli film to people just happened to catch it by not like reading into it it's not it's it's chinese actually and it's a big movie in china it's a big movie overseas in asia and part of it is kind of remember the monkey king i did a couple weeks ago which is steeped in chinese mythology and for so many big fat dumb american like myself who comes and watches the movie like the monkey king i don't understand that i don't know the stories i never heard the stories of the monkey king so i i don't know anything about that but i can appreciate it for being an action movie the way it was this one similarly i do not have the cultural history to fully appreciate big fishing begonia because i as i understand this this isn't just a made up story that has relevance in fantasy and the thala g and deals with sort of the other worldly elements that that that the chinese culture has developed over thousands of years but with that said it brings you up to speed on it and a little bit it reminds me of you know like a movie like spirited away which again is japanese studio ghibli but this one is very mythical and you have all these strange characters and these strange creatures that the interact with like when the girl goes to the elders of where she lives to bring the boy back to life and and rekindle his life and she goes to basically a wizard or sorcerer and he's looks strange and he's got like a.

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