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D'auria. With more. Through the sky over Jones beach, and Nick from east Rockaway was not only thrilled but very proud. That's an inspiration to see forces in action. I stand for the flag and kneel for the full tip. Gorman the regional spokesman for the New York state parks and recreation said the beach had one hundred fourteen thousand visitors and the water temperature. It was chilly in the mid fifties shielded from Baldwin did not take a dip. But I love the San I love the beach. The people this is what America's about it today for unring those in the military, who died fighting for our country. Carol d'auria ten ten wins Jones beach, and the air show continues later today from ten AM to three PM and NYPD officer was hit by a car in Brooklyn earlier, while helping to rescue a man who had been kidnapped from the Bronx, GOP say the thirty two year old kidnapping victim was taken against his will from a location in the south west Bronx, just after midnight Friday by two men who demanded ransom of cash, and jewels a friend of the victim called the cops who pretended to meet the kidnappers demands by placing a bag at Fulton Street near Arlington place in bed. Stuy was officers staked out the scene. They sell a man who jumped out of a car and try to retrieve the ransom while the suspect took off on foot, as investigators, surrounded the vehicle, but cops up to him charges pending. We'll just minutes later in a scene right out of a movie, another car race passed the scene in the kidnapping victim was shoved out of that car. Then that car hit a police officer and fled the scene. The injured cop was taken to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Cops are still searching for the runaway vehicle was essential forty four sports coming up next..

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