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Djilas a force of nature dot. It really a villain, and the way they set up in the story line is Godzilla brings balance to these monsters come out occasionally and the you need the hero monster zilla bring balance the monster world in the fight, the other monsters. And it seems like from the trailer, taking a little more of environmentalist bent and they need to wake an all the monsters to bring balance to the global climate knows really that kind of took away. I felt like God Zillow head to being balanced all the monsters like it's going crazy. Now they gotta get Godzilla up. Well, they have really killing my excitement. He's the movie. This climate change is the chosen one. They also have Kadora three headed beast. Choose if king Gora and tagline has long live the king. So the question is, are they talking about king Gora or are they talking about Godzilla run? You have long live king and. Here's here's the king of the monsters gods and the king of rice and the long live. The king spoke book and by the king. Well, Lord, Tyrian fry guess he's the the hand right from game of thrones and here's the extra speculations. This is a shared universe between the King Kong that came out two years ago, Kong skull island. Did you know that? And the character Tom hilson played in that film which sets Vietnam warrior thirty years ago. The speculation. What you see the actor says long, the Kenya thrones. He is playing the Tom hit Allston character thirty years later in modern day. So he's the thread. And when he's is long king, he's actually referring to is offscreen King Kong. Comu- cameo in King Kong will be the last monster revealed in this film. Oh, yeah, sure long because he's the only one who's seen King Kong about that. I'm excited about this film. It looks beautiful. Main sold at mantra. See, I'm not. I'm not sold on any monster movie. I like monster movies. I can believe in like for some reason, they came from outer space or they were beneath the ground the whole time. I wanna suspend my display were beneath the whole time, dormant. This is not a good threat for you to pull on how ocean there is. I can't get on board with this stuff. I mean, I I wanna believe, but I can't put a sword made out of a laser that can cut people's arms off. Hey, that was a long time. Galaxy far far away out, even this planet. Not even this galaxy. Two more movies. All talk about. One is glass shamans next movie, and it's very difficult to talk about this film without the reveal the conceit. We'll call it the conceit of the film. Don't you think the trailers are everything in the trailer is supposed to be public knowledge. So what does such limitations for four, the the premise I'm a, I'm a big believer. It's in the trailer like, let's talk about. All right. So split came out last year right year and a half ago, let's split split was the last movie he did with James McEvoy about the multiple personality disorder, the demand, the beast who's James McEvoy and and the twist of the end of that film was it was a SRI for thriller supernatural thriller twist at the end was it was in the same universe as unbreakable that you had Bruce wills character watching TV screen watching at.

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