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Yeah i i don't i it's a lot on the conspiracy theory stop and we just kind of broke that down but good question three oh nine at what happens to the chemical weapons when they blow up the factory in the storage facility think that usually they're i think they're exterminated and i don't think they're released i don't think it's that kind of think the ideas they have to be in bombs themselves i think that's how it works three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred is the phone number here democrat response senate minority leader chuck schumer is saying that the is warning the trump administration be careful to avoid a greater war in syria of course we've been talking about that all night it sounds like from congressman kissing her that that of course this is a tactical move this is not a strategic move and it seems that the us military as mentioned by secretary mattis the general the joint chief staff general that was on stage they seem to go out of their way to explain that the goal was to avoid into a war and so when you hear them saying that in and giving that strategic plan away in a press conference it gives you a better understanding that the united states is trying to avoid escalating into a greater war in syria.

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