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Mm um jump into another young quarterback andrew lock up in indy i guess he had surgery in the offseason preview early in the offseason and he is not been able to come back from that shoulder injury i guess he had like a a rotator cuff or labour merciful like that might theory on andrew luck is that he's smart so he he feels more pain is there any credence to my dump theory well i mean uh uh from afar but using experience andrew luckiest said it it is a post your label tear which is harder to recover from that enhance your they will tear and there's no question that athletes feel things differently uh that's not too at all to call andrew luck soft or anything but it's different injuries affect different athletes in different ways but you know a throwing shoulder throwing is one of the hardest things we ask her body to do be at pitching or throwing as a quarterback without belonging as a quarterback is in some ways harder than as a picture because for a picture you're throwing from a stationary position and every time whereas quarterback not only are you've throwing on the run the and and on the move in people coming at you change in your arm angles but also the players moved to i mean the battered the home plate doesn't move in the pitcher's mound as it move not the case for quarterbacks so that makes recovery from a throwing injury that much harder so what happens uh n e might not be able.

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